A Lakeland Round 2007: Day 8 – Monday 23 April

Washed Out

The forecast for today was rain all day and I haven’t managed to dry my boots from yesterday.  Using the highly scientific method of comparing the weather outside my window to what it was like yesterday evening, I concluded that today was going to be worse than yesterday, and yesterday I’d only just kept myself safe.

So I decided to take a day off, which involved pottering about in Keswick touring gear shops and old bookshops in the morning and doing some washing with the snooker on in my room in the afternoon.  But the first thing I did was arrange another night in the B&B and the second was to arrange tomorrow night at a B&B in Ambleside – prophetically called Haven Cottage.

So now the plan for tomorrow is for a modest walk to Ambleside after dropping myself off somewhere from a bus.  Contenders are the Helvellyn ridge or a walk from Borrowdale over into Langdale.  I’ll make the final decision in the morning but am inclining towards the latter walk as it involves less repeating of peaks and should be shorter.  But it also has less escape options – by climbing up to Greenup Edge I either have to return back the way I came or carry on down Far Easedale if things get too much.

To take my mind off such difficult decisions, I took myself to the cinema to see 300.

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