Enough is enough

Brave new world

Welcome to my new site

After having had some problems with my web hosting service, I’ve taken the decision to move my site to WordPress.com. I’ve not been able to even access my server for the last few days and have been without much of my email.  My business account was also affected, which is even more annoying.  Last time I had an outage it lasted over a week and I lost all my email on that account and had to set the whole family’s email accounts up from scratch.  I’m not going through that again.

Netpivotal aren’t very good at proactive communication – except when it’s a matter of telling you that your renewal is coming up!  They’re doing an exercise to decommission old servers due to security vulnerabilities, and so I don’t see why they can’t tell me when my account is going to be down whilst they carry out the project.  Or it could be, of course, that the servers are down unintentionally in which case they need to sort this project out fast and be a bit more proactive about telling people when there’s a problem.

Now whilst it’s nice to have your own internet domain name, at the end of the day it is just a bit of vanity, and not worth the hassle when it all goes tits up.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s only worthwhile maintaining such a presence for business, and so that’s what’s going to happen.  So it’s going to be goodbye to hillplodder.co.uk I think.  So for now until my annual hosting runs out, hillplodder.co.uk will automatically redirect to here.

Anyway, hopefully everything has transferred across ok.  I’ll say one thing for WordPress – the xml import of all my old site posts and pages worked a treat, leaving me with just (!?) the small task of redoing the links and images.  I think it was worth the effort, as it seems a lot easier to use WordPress’ own site than to run WordPress on my own hosted site.  For one thing there’s some extra functionality, it also handles the images much better and the general integration with other social networking sites seems smoother too.  About the only thing I haven’t found it able to do is use the tables plug-in that I used to have on my self-hosted blog.  But I’m working on that.

So what can you look forward to seeing here ?

Firstly, now that I’ve got images to work, I’ll try to include more pictures in my posts.  Especially as I’ve recently got myself a new camera (Olympus SZ-30MR for those who are interested in such things) which is much smaller and more powerful than the two cameras I have been using.  I’m hoping that my visual content is going to take a big leap forward.

Secondly, the new camera should also help me a bit with my art, and I will hopefully get a bit more stuck into painting in my spare time.  Having recently uploaded my first paintings and sketches to Paintmap I’m also hoping to include those that are relevant to my walks on this site.

Thirdly, over the winter I’m going to work through the backlog of past walks and get some of them written up on here.  Only 3 of my 15 visits to the Lake District are on here so far, for example, and having recently found all my old notes made on the days of walks, I’m going to put in a concerted effort to get them written up.

Fourthly, last weekend I attended my first Orienteering event and quite liked it (especially as I beat my wife who’s being doing it for a couple of years).  And that’s despite falling heavily at one point and taking a big blow to the ribs which I’m still feeling sore from.  Orienteering takes place mainly over the winter months, so it should be ideal for maintaining some fitness and being outdoors when it’s impractical for me to be on the hills.

Finally, I’ve set myself the target of finishing the North Downs Way as soon as possible, so there will be a series of posts coming on that subject.

All in all plenty to keep me, and you, occupied as the days get shorter.

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