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Outdoor Bloggers Party

Outdoor Blogger Network
Outdoor Blogger Network

It’s a year since the Outdoor Blogger Network was launched by Rebecca Garlock and Joe Wolf, and over that time over 800 outdoor bloggers have joined the network.  Rebecca and Joe met on a riverbank in Oregon and lamented that there was no centralised place on the web for people to find outdoor bloggers.  And so the idea for forming the OBN was born.

The blogs themselves cover a wide range of outdoor activities – hunting, fishing, hiking, bushcraft, and photography to name just a few categories.  And despite first appearances, it’s not all Americans – there’s a growing number of UK bloggers too.  For example:  Walking with Fatty and  Northern Walker to name just two that I follow.

With such a large community of outdoor bloggers linked through the network, many of the outdoor gear manufacturers have taken the OBN seriously, and there are frequent opportunities for humble bloggers to get their hands on some free kit, in return for a gear review.

And so the OBN is celebrating with a week-long giveaway of gear (in return for reviews of course).  I just hope that some of it comes across the pond!

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Bloggers Party

  1. Thank you for writing this!

    And to answer your question about things heading across the pond, YOU have something headed across the pond to you right now.

    Congrats, you won the GEIGERRIG hydration backpack system! I just need you to head over to the OBN contact page and fill out your information so we can get it over to the company.

    I hope this news made your day a little brighter =)


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