A Year in Tweets

This year I really started to get into using Twitter to record my walks, network with other outdoors types and pass comment on the issues of the day.  Here’s a selection of the least bad:

Joined new gym today & had facilities all to myself. Only downside was rain & the 7 mile run to get there. http://www.tgogc.com #fb” [11-Feb, 20:00]

On the Tilbury ferry. Heading off for a 2 day yomp across the North Downs. #fb” [02-Mar, 08:28]

Having lunch on Holly Hill [02-Mar, 13:05]

Mmm pheasant. But with this heavy pack on I’ll never catch it. 😦 #fb” [02-Mar, 14:06]

Shattered after taking 17 miles to do a walk that is 3 in a straight line. And still got 2 miles left. Never been so glad to see A2. #fb” [02-Mar, 16:02]

Starting to get obsessed by minimising my pack weight for next week’s Cumbria Way trip.” [21-Mar, 09:07]

1 lungfull of Lake District air and my Pendolino motion sickness is cured. #fb” [28-Mar, 10:16]

Just passed Knottallow tarn and heading for the wind farm on Lowick High Common. Wish I’d worn shorts today #cumbriaway #fb” [28-Mar, 13:09]

Lunch stop on Beacon Fell overlooking Coniston. Old Man shrouded in low cloud.. #cumbriaway #fb” [29-Mar, 11:55]

First proper mobile signal since tuesday. On Castle Crag in the wind and rain. #cumbriaway #fb” [01-Apr, 09:51]

My bedroom window looks directly on to Skiddaw.” [01-Apr, 14:55]

In Keswick so it has to be the Royal Bengal [01-Apr, 18:05]

Another wet & windy day in Lakes. Gales & -11 windchill forecast. Nice. Just got to get over Skiddaw to hostel though. #cumbriaway #fb” [02-Apr, 08:21]

On top of Latrigg and the view is breathtaking. #cumbriaway #fb.” [02-Apr, 10:32]

Wind so strong on Skiddaw it’s hurting my lungs. #fb” [02-Apr, 13:17]

Just finished the #cumbriaway #fb” [06-Apr, 16:38]

@MrGylo Is it pointing out the obvious to suggest that maybe you shouldn’t have been looking at her cleavage.” [06-Apr, 18:09]

Fighting desperate battle trying to keep stomach intact on the train. #fb #vomitcomet” [07-Apr, 12:44]

It’s rush hour on #RoseberryTopping. Perfect day for it though #fb” [16-Apr, 11:34]

Just won the man v car race from Roseberry Topping to Captain Cook’s Monument. #fb” [16-Apr, 12:11]

Good start to day in Whitby – shat upon by a seagull. #temptingtarget. #fb” [18-Apr, 11:53]

Typical! Thundery rain & gusts to 65mph – just as I head to land of song & leeks. I’m looking for fun not character building [04-May, 19:49]

Quiet coach is anything but [05-May, 10:36]

Lunch in the clouds on summit of Moel Hebog #fb” [06-May, 11:33]

It appears that north Wales has not yet discovered the latte. #fb” [12-May, 10:22]

On train to Newton Abbot. Pleased to see it seems to be uniformly grey and drizzly everywhere. #fb” [18-May, 07:40]

The sea is only a couple of dozen feet from my bedroom window. Hoping for a good sunrise to start hardest day yet of SWCP 😉 #fb” [18-May, 20:03]

Sunlight glistening on the sea as we head up to Start Point #swcp #fb” [19-May, 08:53]

Sneaking thru private estate after crossing the Erme #getoffmyland #swcp #fb” [22-May, 15:23]

Managed to lose the others as they can’t seem to read the #swcp waymarkers #fb” [22-May, 15:25]

Although I can! #swcp #howhardisittofollowanarrow #fb” [22-May, 15:27]

Done a good job of planning uninspiring end to this year’s #swcp – Plymouth #fb” [24-May, 07:45]

…Although 1st class on the train makes up for it. #fb” [24-May, 08:56]

Been on #stanageedge today 🙂 #fb http://yfrog.com/gy19jdbj” [28-May, 18:11]

Just spent the last 2 hours drawing chickens. #fb” [10-Jun, 12:38]

Chillin in a field by my tent [11-Jun, 16:34]

Now cowering from the rain in the tent trying to cook the bangers without getting wet or smoked out.#fb” [11-Jun, 17:27]

Pitched the tent on quite a hard bit of ground. Don’t think I bought enough alcohol at the petrol station for a good night’s sleep. #fb” [11-Jun, 17:52]

I don’t really want to sit here and watch the Lotus pit crew stuff biscuits into their faces #f1″ [12-Jun, 18:42]

Can we please stop following Rihanna and go back to the biscuit guy #f1″ [12-Jun, 19:01]

Button – last to first. Now just the stewards to get past #f1″ [12-Jun, 21:07]

Hillplodder is a member of the Outdoor Blogger Network http://fb.me/XkC0EnBb” [22-Jun, 15:08]

My new Facebook page is up and running… http://fb.me/HOKmXSvN” [22-Jun, 15:13]

Planning a Lake District trip in a couple of weeks time. Given recent ‘celebrations’ the target has got to be 40 fells.” [22-Jun, 15:46]

Just posted a 7.71 mi walk – Testing new Pacerpoles – absolutely flew along. http://rnkpr.com/aot84l #RunKeeper” [02-Jul, 17:02]

My old friend Euston station.” [04-Jul, 08:19]

The guy opposite me in the quiet coach has talked without drawing breath for a solid hour. About to punch him #shutup” [04-Jul, 09:40]

Finally made it back to b&b after unplanned 5mile walkout along A591. Never have made it without pacerpoles” [04-Jul, 18:57]

On Whinlatter [05-Jul, 10:00]

Down off the hill after an epic peak bag – 7 wainwrights [05-Jul, 19:48]

Sorry no tweets today due to no mobile signal. So you’re spared juvenile jokes about Barf” [05-Jul, 19:51]

Pissing down on Barrow. Taken refuge in my storm shelter for lunch.” [06-Jul, 12:28]

Glad Swinside (or should that be Swineside) done. Scrambled last 50m through wet bracken. Knackered.” [06-Jul, 12:30]

Scrapped original plan to do Gavel Fell to Burnbank Fell. Got lured by Mellbreak which doesn’t fit in that well.” [07-Jul, 11:00]

Haycock. No sniggering please.” [10-Jul, 12:44]

Down off the hill after a hot hard slog from Wasdale to Borrowdale via Lingmell and Corridor Route. Curry required now” [11-Jul, 17:38]

Stunning day on the east of Helvellyn. Guess where I’m headed… http://ow.ly/i/egue” [13-Jul, 09:04]

Greetings from Striding Edge 😀 http://ow.ly/i/egDt” [13-Jul, 10:37]

Just given myself a Raise. #badmountainpuns” [13-Jul, 13:16]

The Joy of Tarns…http://ow.ly/5Iyym” [19-Jul, 22:46]

@OrdnanceSurvey I most need to know where the nearest bus stop is when I’m coming down a hill with only a paper map. A dot would do.” [22-Jul, 14:14]

@LakelandWalker I never win anything so thanks !!” [19-Aug, 17:29]

Can someone tell me why people always group together in the middle of doorways ?! Grrrr #standsomewhereelse” [19-Aug, 17:33]

Good weather + no job yet = North Downs Way” [26-Sep, 12:34]

4 hours into today’s #NDW and stopping for lunch at the side of a field near Cuxton” [27-Sep, 13:07]

Trying my hand at orienteering today” [01-Oct, 07:37]

I’m not sure England should have bothered getting out of bed today. Oops sorry they haven’t got out yet. #bbcrwc” [01-Oct, 07:55]

have decided not to start a new career as a stuntman as a result of today’s events.” [01-Oct, 19:37]

Utter bollocks. Massa can’t breathe in and out unless Smedley tells him to. http://ow.ly/6NhQl” [04-Oct, 18:15]

Going to do a lot more dung inspection from now on #NaturalNavigation” [05-Oct, 19:25]

Nous sommes fucked #rwc” [08-Oct, 09:10]

My web hosting servers down again! Tina and Earl have clearly eloped with each other from #Netpivotal Sort it out.” [08-Oct, 09:43]

New @hillplodder website coming soon. Once I’ve retrieved all my old content from a cave in Wisconsin!” [08-Oct, 15:02]

Fox quits so that everyone can now shift attention to bringing down that muppet Letwin. #TakeOneDownWithYou” [14-Oct, 16:52]

Time for a bit of #PylonAppreciation http://t.co/efB2hkA1″ [14-Oct, 16:55]

Oh well seems it won’t be me going to North Wales with @TrailMagazine next week.” [14-Oct, 17:50]

Watching the police in a live riot training exercise #dalefarm” [19-Oct, 07:28]

Just about to head out for turbo yomp along the Mardyke Valley #walkwednesday.” [19-Oct, 09:00]

Phew. Back from 11 mile fast walk completed in 3 hours.” [19-Oct, 13:03]

RT @johnjmoloney: Dale Farm cleared and Gadaffi dead. Daily Mail readers will be wanking into their cornflakes tomorrow morning. #gadaf …” [20-Oct, 17:32]

RT @bobbyhennigan: Westlife splitting is NOT good news. It’s like Ebola becoming airborne. Now we’ll have 4 ‘solo artists’ choking the a …” [20-Oct, 17:34]

Spent the afternoon in the company of well-qualified jobless. Depressing.” [26-Oct, 16:27]

Well it looks like I will be going to some of #London2012 after all. Got paralympic tickets – just don’t know what for.” [26-Oct, 16:55]

@CumbrianRambler yeah Fleetwith Pike nearly killed me in 2008. Let’s knock the crap out of it. :-‘” [26-Oct, 21:21]

@CumbrianRambler indeed. Got my revenge on Red Pike recently. Slippery red bastard.” [26-Oct, 21:28]

@CumbrianRambler Great Gable also tried to get me once. And Cnicht in Snowdonia broke my coccyx.” [26-Oct, 21:37]

Just passed #Occupy camp by St Pauls. Conveniently outside Starbucks and Blacks.” [27-Oct, 11:19]

Looks like Decathlon have done well out of #Occupy. Tent of choice.” [27-Oct, 11:20]

@CumbrianRambler Beats my stunning view of the soap factory. But at least the air smells of strawberry here.” [28-Oct, 07:50]

Psyching myself up for a morning of thwacking through brambles #orienteering” [30-Oct, 08:05]

I can understand why everyone’s in the Lakes at the moment. It’s really shit here.” [05-Nov, 08:23]

I can confirm that there’s also no cloud inversion in Essex” [07-Nov, 13:01]

Just ordered me some microspikes :-)” [08-Nov, 12:27]

Lunch with my old boss today and my first encounter with Tandoori Swordfish. Turned down Rabbit Biryani. I kid you not. #weirdcurries #fb” [09-Nov, 16:48]

This @Bambuser thing is ace. Watching @PilgrimChris live as he loiters in woods & using @SocialHiking to aim police in on his location.” [11-Nov, 13:01]

Friday afternoon is always the best time to read complex legal documents I find.” [11-Nov, 15:51]

Forgotten how long a day at work can feel #fb” [17-Nov, 17:32]

Only been back in work two days but already it feels weird having a weekend” [19-Nov, 09:08]

Yay! My Geigerrig Rig 1200 won in a competition from @OBNetwork just arrived. Looks quite smart. Now need to test and review….” [19-Nov, 14:45]

Now just need to find a muddy bike wheel to hose down using its spray #NeverSuckAgain apparently.” [19-Nov, 14:58]

@CumbrianRambler Whoa that is scary. You look like you butchered a teddy bear for its pelt.” [20-Nov, 14:38]

Good start to the day – nearly hit by fragments of flying bike” [22-Nov, 08:41]

The local inversion I’m missing! http://t.co/NqmYI5tz” [23-Nov, 19:54]

Today was a massive success. I found Fuzzy’s Grub tucked away behind the office.” [23-Nov, 21:39]

On my accountant’s quiz team tonight. If I do badly hopefully my fees won’t go up !?!” [25-Nov, 16:31]

Victory !” [25-Nov, 22:14]

Should I be worried that mountain rescue are now following me ?!?” [25-Nov, 22:15]

Right been staring at the map half the afternoon. Next trip to the lakes I’m doing my ‘local’ Wainwright – Grey Crag” [04-Dec, 20:44]

…don’t know how yet: it may be my nearest but it’s relatively remote compared to a lot of the others.” [04-Dec, 20:47]

Today felt like a good day to get back from lunch and then go back out to the pub for the afternoon. #hic #fb” [09-Dec, 20:13]

@TheRealBurdock In EU but on the naughty step. Weather better for ducks than bears.” [12-Dec, 22:27]

@CumbrianRambler Never been there. Can’t wait to come down off the Cheviots and see it glistening on the sea.” [13-Dec, 22:24]

Right time to head for the front line and engage in hand to hand fighting in Tescos. Smoke me a kipper I’ll be back for breakfast.” [23-Dec, 22:00]

Phew glad that’s over. Christmas bought. Quite a bit of trolley rage taking place.” [24-Dec, 00:17]

Woke to xmas wishes from #HMRC – reminder to file VAT return. Really pick their moments [24-Dec, 07:29]

@high_onahill it’s too late – I cleaned them out late last night. Only broken parsnips left.” [24-Dec, 07:30]

Son getting trained in how to xmas shop like a bloke this AM. Insane Mrs Hillplodder taking him to Lakeside. Getting her sectioned for xmas” [24-Dec, 07:33]

@vertigo_alan not loads but did get new Trangia pan after a cider-fuelled cremation of the last one in the summer.” [25-Dec, 11:22]

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