SWCP 2012

This year’s planned chunk of the South West Coast Path was due to be the biggest section yet, but circumstances had another idea and we had to cut it short. Here’s the story.

Day 0: Friday 18 May

It’s all been a bit weird. I finished most of the planning for this trip way back in early March, making all the accommodation bookings and sorting the train tickets. And then stuck it all in a drawer for 2 months …Continue reading->

Day 1: Saturday 19 May

Today the Olympic torch arrived in Plymouth and I left town. Not that I am trying to avoid it, but I do have a long distance path to walk …Continue reading->

Day 2: Sunday 20 May

I’m not deliberately setting out to offend anyone with this post, but if I do then I guess that’s a bonus. Every so often you find yourself doing a walk where a theme emerges and try as you might, it persists. Today was just such a day.…Continue reading->

Day 3: Monday 21 May

Day 3 - the best scenery of the trip
Day 3 – the best scenery of the trip

Every year there’s always one day more than the others when I become aware of the place names. Maybe the toilet humour from yesterday put me in the mood. That said it was also about the simple joy of putting one foot in front of the other on a day of perfect weather and perfect scenery. …Continue reading->

Day 4: Tuesday 22 May

Aiming for Gribbin Head on day 4
Aiming for Gribbin Head on day 4

I flew along today. The walking was, for the SWCP, easy; a certain amount of fitness had kicked in; and I had a reason to get it done. …Continue reading->

The Debrief
Thoughts on having to cut the trip short, the gear I carried, the places I stayed and, of course, the quality of the walking.

Breakfast at Pencarrow
Breakfast at Pencarrow

Every year when I’ve planned this trip, there’s been a nagging concern at the back of my mind that if for some reason we had to change something at the last minute, then it would turn out to be an expensive disaster.  This year’s trip tested that premise, and although it was certainly far from ideal having to make eleventh hour changes, it wasn’t the unmitigated disaster and “cash flushed down the toilet” scenario that I’d envisaged. …Continue reading->

The Route

Day 1 Route
Day 1 Route
Day 2 Route
Day 2 Route
Day 3 Route
Day 3 Route
Day 4 Route
Day 4 Route

Trip stats

Total Distance 45.71 miles (73.55 km)
Total Ascent 1,694m
Total Descent 1,698m
Total Walking Time 18 hours 8 mins
Average Speed 2.52 mph (4.06 kph)
Flat-Equivalent Distance 57.00 miles (91.71 km)
Flat-Equivalent Speed 3.14 mph (5.06 kph)

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