Far Eastern Odyssey – The Redemption

After I had to abort my Far Eastern fells trip back in July, a second attempt was always going to be on the cards. This time, though, the weather was, for the most part, more favourable. Here's the story. Planning Day 1: Tuesday 18 September After a train to Penrith and bus to Pooley Bridge, … Continue reading Far Eastern Odyssey – The Redemption

Far Eastern Odyssey – The Debrief

Considering that the first attempt at this trip went tits up due to the weather taking umbrage at my presence in the Lakes, this second attempt went really well. This is a short post on why. How good was the planning ? This was a strange trip in that I deliberately tried not to plan … Continue reading Far Eastern Odyssey – The Debrief

Deer, bruises and a perfect pitch

I woke with a start as sunlight streamed into the tent. This was surprising enough given the miserable day 2 morning conditions of the previous attempt at this trip. But more surprising still was that I ever got to sleep at all. Cold in my -5°C rated bag, I'd tossed and turned all night as … Continue reading Deer, bruises and a perfect pitch

The Odyssey resumes

I ambled along Fenchurch Street, by now used to the looks of mild disdain that the sight of a guy dressed for the outdoors and carrying a rucksack evokes in city folk. I left them to hurry on to their early heart attacks while I headed for nature's playground, deriving extra satisfaction from the fact … Continue reading The Odyssey resumes