Far Eastern Odyssey – The Redemption

After I had to abort my Far Eastern fells trip back in July, a second attempt was always going to be on the cards. This time, though, the weather was, for the most part, more favourable. Here’s the story.


Day 1: Tuesday 18 September
After a train to Penrith and bus to Pooley Bridge, I climbed up onto the ridge at Heughscar Hill and walked along to High Raise, meeting Peter (@munro277) on Wether Hill. Having planned a completely solo trip, Peter and I arranged the meet-up over Twitter whilst I was on the train on my way to the Lakes. It’s no surprise that in all of the excitement he forgot his sleep mat and the planned 2 nights turned into just one.

I ambled along Fenchurch Street, by now used to the looks of mild disdain that the sight of a guy dressed for the outdoors and carrying a rucksack evokes in …Continue reading->

Day 2: Wednesday 19 September
A walk from High Raise down over Steel Knotts and onto Hallin Fell. Then a re-ascent from the Martindale valley to The Nab.

I woke with a start as sunlight streamed into the tent. This was surprising enough given the miserable day 2 morning conditions of the previous attempt at this trip. But …Continue reading->

Day 3: Thursday 20 September
I descended from Angle Tarn to Patterdale for re-provisioning and then fought my way through the wind onto High Street before seeking refuge for the night.

Thursday was always predicted to be the worst day in terms of weather but even so the forecast I picked up on Wednesday morning seemed better than before I left…Continue reading->

Day 4: Friday 21 September
Somehow I survived the night, and sought to make up some of the lost ground in a long day where I bagged 7 Wainwrights and 8 Nuttalls.

Last night certainly put the wild into wild camping. 7 hours of constant heavy rain and strong winds battered the tent,  and with each climactic gust I watched for signs …Continue reading->

Day 5: Saturday 22 September
Waking to a cloud inversion, I completed the walk out.

I woke to sunlight infiltrating the tent, which made a nice change from gloom and rain. Above my head a 3 inch long jet black slug was slowly making it …Continue reading->

The Debrief
Overall an excellent trip, but even so I still found areas I can improve on…

Considering that the first attempt at this trip went tits up due to the weather taking umbrage at my presence in the Lakes, this second attempt went really well. This …Continue reading->

The Route

Route Profile

Trip stats

Total Distance 52.41 miles (84.33 km)
Total Ascent 3,166m
Total Descent 3,187m
Total Walking Time 29 hours 17mins
Average Speed 1.79 mph (2.88 kph)
Flat-Equivalent Distance 73.52 miles (118.29 km)
Flat-Equivalent Speed 2.51 mph (4.04 kph)
New Trail 100s 1
New Marilyns 3
New Hewitts 8
New Nuttalls 11
New Wainwrights 16
New Outlying Wainwrights 1
New Birketts 24

Hills Bagged

Date Hill# Name  T  Ma  Hew  Ne  W  WO  B
18/09/12 2624 Heughscar Hill 22 264
18/09/12 2584 Arthur’s Pike 168 265
18/09/12 2588 Bonscale Pike 169 266
18/09/12 3830 Swarth Fell (Ullswater) 267
18/09/12 2556 Loadpot Hill 145 156 170 268
18/09/12 2557 Wether Hill 157 171 269
18/09/12 2927 Wether Hill (B&L GR)
18/09/12 3820 Red Crag 270
18/09/12 2530 High Raise (High Street) R R R R
19/09/12 3841 Gowk Hill 271
19/09/12 3844 Brownthwaite Crag 272
19/09/12 2615 Steel Knotts [Pikeawassa – Steel Knotts] 172 273
19/09/12 2623 Hallin Fell 60 173 274
19/09/12 2577 The Nab 174 275
20/09/12 2544 The Knott (High Street) R R
20/09/12 2528 High Street 44 61 146 158 175 276
20/09/12 2541 Mardale Ill Bell 176 277
21/09/12 2563 Selside Pike 147 159 177 278
21/09/12 2555 Branstree NE Top [East Top][High Howes (Mardale)] 160 279
21/09/12 2550 Branstree 148 161 178 280
21/09/12 2559 Tarn Crag (Sleddale) 62 149 162 179 281
21/09/12 2567 Harrop Pike 163 282
21/09/12 2565 Grey Crag [Sleddale Fell] 150 164 180 283
21/09/12 3821 Little Harter Fell 284
21/09/12 2537 Harter Fell (Mardale) 151 165 181 285
21/09/12 2546 Kentmere Pike 152 166 182 286
21/09/12 2574 Shipman Knotts 183 287

“R” denotes a repeat visit to a fell already bagged.

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