2012 Blogging in review

WordPress sent me my annual report on how I’ve done as a blogger. It threw up some interesting stats:

  1. Of the 11,000 views of my 93 posts this year, the busiest day was May 14 with 188 views. 
  2. I posted 608 pictures. However, I’m not sure how this number has been affected by me recently starting to use my pictures on Flickr in my posts rather than uploading directly to WordPress.
  3. Most popular posts (and explaining the May 14 total views) were those to do with wild camping, especially the My First Wildcamp series of posts. There were 3 of these in the top 5 posts, including the most popular post.
  4. As well as referrals from the obvious places (Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader) it appears I have @LoneWalkerUK and, surprisingly @hendrikmorkel to thank for pushing traffic to my blog. The last of these is a bit of a surprise – maybe he’s not such a bad stick after all! It will be interesting next year to see if my Google+ page sends much traffic to my blog compared with the big two.
  5. People in 78 countries were viewing my blog.
  6. Most common search terms were Scarp 1 and Jack’s Rake. Not that I would consider myself an authority on either.

Clearly what the above says is that I need to go on and write more trip reports to the Langdale area, fit in some scrambling and eulogise about my tent.

See you in 2013

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