Oh Bugger

Today, I’ve sadly had to go and put the Cambrian Way project on hold until next year.

Clearly this isn’t an ideal state of affairs, but I’ve been offered a project at decent money in an environment where there aren’t that many things going in my specialist area at any time, let alone now. So keeping the roof over the head has, this time, had to take priority over keeping silnylon over my head.

Just last week I was sat there with the whole summer spread out before me – a summer of family holidays, walking trips and snatched mini-adventures. I had the second phase of the Cambrian Way in the diary, a couple of prospective meetups, a week on the South West Coast Path and a new local walking project planned. Only the SWCP, being already booked, paid for and arranged with other people walking with me, is likely to survive this cull along with the main family holiday.

I’ve been looking forward to this year’s SWCP chunk – from Looe to Falmouth – quite a lot already, and even more so now that it’s the main walking trip I’m likely to get in until next year. The best I’m going to be able to do is snatch the odd long weekend here and there. This makes me all the more glad that I got out earlier in the year in the winter conditions, and at least started the Cambrian Way – enough to confirm that I really do want to finish that walk. Otherwise, I’d probably never have done it.

So, this blog’s going to go a bit quiet in terms of trip reports over coming weeks and months, although that should give me a chance to work through some of the backlog of trips I still haven’t written up yet. I think I’m going to be doing quite a lot of staring at pictures like this…

Wildcamp #10 on Little Carrs
Wildcamp #10 on Little Carrs

4 thoughts on “Oh Bugger

      1. Commiserations, but understand completely the need to balance real life and living. Then when you do get a few days off, the British weather works against you! The Cambrian Way is impossible to walk in bad weather – believe me, we’ve tried! There’s always next year… and the one after that.


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