Outing Some Gear

I’ve got some stuff for sale. Some of it I’ve had quite a while, but most of it has actually not been used much – not because it’s crap, I’ve just been a very bad boy and bought lots of gear that I can’t possibly all use. Further details and photos of each item are below the table.

  • Payment by bank transfer (preferred) or failing that Paypal.
  • Prices include 2nd class Royal Mail postage, apart from the ULA Epic and Litehouse Solo which include Special Delivery 1pm due to size/value. I can do Special Delivery on any other item if you pay the difference (£3-£4 depending on size). More detail on postage at the foot of this post.
  • Offers considered on any item.
  • All weights are from my kitchen scales, so treat them as approximate. Note these may also vary from manufacturers quoted weights which tend to be for smaller sizes than the actual items I’m offering here.
  • Contact me by commenting here, on Twitter or Facebook or any contact details you already have for me.
  • This post will be updated as things are sold, and new things added – I’ve got quite a lot I want to get rid of.

I also have a load of outdoor books to get rid of – they’ll be coming soon. And if there’s something you’re looking for that’s not here, I may have something for sale, so please feel free to ask.

The Inventory

No. Item Size Weight (g) Price (£) Status
1 Rab Ridge Raider Bivy n/a 944 Sold Sold
2 Lowe Alpine Khumbu 65:80 n/a 2300 Sold Sold
3 Caldera Cone n/a 282 Sold Sold
4 ULA Epic Large Torso / Large Hipbelt 1300 180 Available
5 Trangia Triangle n/a 111 13 Available
6 Berghaus cold weather baselayer XL 390 18 Available
7 Berghaus Deluge overtrousers XL short 422 18 Available
8 Berghaus Green Fleece XL 475 Sold Sold
9 Berghaus Green jacket XL 724 Sold Sold
10 Berghaus GPS case n/a 159 8 Available
11 Garmin Etrex H GPS n/a 323 45 Available
12 Haglofs Viper II Jacket XL 564 Sold Sold
13 Karrimor packaway jacket XL 263 12 Available
15 Peter Storm heavy green trousers 38 684 13 Available
16 Peter Storm lightweight green trousers 38 short 418 13 Available
17 Petzl Headtorch n/a 146 18 Available
18 Quechua Bionnassay Softshell jacket XL 695 Sold Sold
20 Gram Counter Gear Litehouse Solo n/a 892 Sold Sold
23 Berghaus Furnace Down jacket XL 483 Sold Sold
24 Skywatch Explorer 4 Weather Meter n/a 53 Sold Sold

4. ULA Epic pack

Key facts: Torso size large (21″ to 24″) and with large hipbelt (38-42″). Includes blue 65L dry bag, mesh outer pocket and removable side pockets. The full spec can be found on the ULA website.

Condition: Used for about a dozen days backpacking. In good condition, nothing broken. Will give it a wipe over before sending.

The story: Bought last year to replace the old Lowe Alpine pack I sold recently. It’s too big for my needs now though. Used for about a dozen days backpacking, and in good condition still. Although targetted at the packrafting market, it works perfectly well as a backpacking pack in wet conditions. This unorthodox pack consists of a frame on which you can mount various sizes of Sea to Summit Big River drybag – it comes with a 65L blue bag as shown in the photo, and I also have a matching 35L one that also fits the frame so it can be used as a day pack or indeed strapped to the outside for extra capacity (I’ll include this for an extra £15 if you want it). The side pockets are detachable and the frame incorporates a mesh front compartment. I’ve found this system incredibly versatile for attaching tents, sleep mats etc to the outside of the pack when I’ve needed the extra space. This pack is only available new from ULA in the US and a couple of websites in Europe (I got it from packraftingstore.de).

How much: I’m looking for £180 posted (or collection in South Essex) but happy to consider sensible offers. The pack retails for $275 direct from ULA (plus it will cost considerably for international shipping and import duty), or €295 from Germany (essentially this higher price reflects the import duty they pay and pass onto their customers). 

ULA Epic in action on the Pennine Way
ULA Epic in action on the Pennine Way

5. Trangia Triangle

Key facts: Consist of 3 side plates that slot together to form the windshield, plus a ring that sits inside to hold the burner. Note this doesn’t include the Trangia burner itself. I’m assuming if you’re even interested in this you’ll already have one anyway. Comes with little bag to keep it in.

Condition: Very good. Used half a dozen times. Little bit of tarnishing you get from using a meths burner.

The story: Over the years I think I’ve tried all of the various Trangia bits. So I got this, found I liked it, but after only a few uses discovered a stove setup that fills the gap between this and the full Trangia, so I don’t need it any more.

How much: These cost around £18 new. It’s virtually new and I’m including postage, so let’s say £13.

Trangia Triangle in use (pot and burner not included)
Trangia Triangle in use (pot and burner not included)

6. Berghaus Baselayer (Mens XL)

Key facts: A heavier baselayer for use in winter. It’s grey with darker bluish-grey patches on the sides. Chest zipped pocket.

Condition: Used, but in good undamaged condition.

Berghaus Cold weather baselayer

7. Berghaus Deluge Overtrousers – Size XL, 31″ leg length

Key facts: Black, side zips affording easy on-and-offability.

Condition: Used. Small hole in front of lower right leg.It hasn’t seemed to make much difference so I haven’t bothered repairing it. The second picture attempts to show the area of the hole. Note, these really are black, but the photograph hasn’t really worked at showing that.

The story: Selling principally because they’re too short for me, having not realised they came in different leg lengths. I don’t tend to wear overtrousers much, preferring to just wear softshell trousers all the time instead. Consequently, they haven’t been worn that much.

Berghaus Deluge Overtrousers 1 Berghaus Deluge Overtrousers 2

10. Berghaus GPS case

Key facts: Hard case for protecting smallish items such as a GPS.

Condition: Never used, although had it a few years.

Berghaus GPS case
Berghaus GPS case

11. Garmin Etrex H GPS

Key facts: Basic model GPS. I’ve had it a good 5 or 6 years but not used it for most of that time. Note this model therefore has a spec dating from about 2007. Takes two AA batteries. Includes data transfer cable (serial connection), and I’m also including the serial to USB adaptor I bought to use with it.

Condition: In good nick owing to lack of use.

Garmin Etrex GPS
Garmin Etrex GPS


13.Karrimor packaway jacket

Key facts: It’s a really light waterproof jacket that tucks into it’s own pocket for stowage. I can’t remember what model it is – it’s just a cheap light jacket. I wouldn’t use it in heavy rain though – it seems too flimsy to afford much comfort in those conditions.

Condition: barely worn, although it has spent quite a bit of time tucked away.

Karrimor packaway jacket
Karrimor packaway jacket

15. Peter Storm green trousers

Key facts: 38″ waist. Zip-off at the knee. I’ve called these heavy purely to distinguish them from the other pair. Decent pair of walking trousers.

Condition: Barely worn, they’ve spent most of their life in my gear cupboard.

Peter Storm green walking trousers
Peter Storm green walking trousers

16. Peter Storm green trousers, slightly lighter than the above ones

Key facts: 38″ waist, short length. Zip-off at the knee. These are lighter than the previous item.

Condition: Again barely worn and have spent much of their life in a cupboard.

Peter Storm lighter green trousers
Peter Storm lighter green trousers

17. Petzl Headtorch

Key facts: Black Petzl headtorch. Has the words “Micro, Water resistant” on it. Takes two AA batteries (not included).

Condition: Used, but in good nick. Not used for a few years as I replaced it with something smaller.

Petzl headtorch
Petzl headtorch

A bit more on prices and delivery

  • I’m not an idiot so shipping or handover won’t take place until receipt of payment is confirmed.
  • I’ve quoted all-in posted prices to save minute haggling over postage costs. This way I take the gains/losses if postage is cheaper/dearer than I assumed. This also means I’ll consider how much postage is when looking at any offers.
  • I’ve quoted prices as including Royal Mail 2nd class with signature confirming receipt, but this assumes you don’t live somewhere remote. If I’m forced to use a more expensive delivery mechanism because of where you live, you’ll be paying the extra not me. Sorry, you chose to live there, not me.
  • I’m happy to send any item higher priority if you pay the extra.
  • I’d rather keep this simple and post to UK addresses only, but I’ll post to Europe if we agree the extra cost beforehand.
  • I’m happy for some of the bulkier or more valuable items to consider meeting in a dimly lit pub car pack to hand over the merchandise. It needs to be within a sensible distance of Thurrock or somewhere I happen to be going to anyway.
  • Where I still have it, I will generally aim to send all items in their original packaging and include any tags or instructions. Unless I’ve specifically said I have these, please assume I don’t. But if I happen to find any then they will be sent. Postage has been worked out on the basis of sending stuff in its original box if I still have it.
  • Unless specifically stated, please assume that only what is shown in the photo and included in the description is included. I will however, include any cables, inserts etc if I have them. Please ask if unsure what’s included for a particular item and I’ll check to see if there’s anything missing.

Please contact me via one of the following methods:

  • Twitter DM (@hillplodder),
  • Comments to this post.
  • Most of these items will also be posted on the Outdoor Gear Exchange on Facebook, if you’re a member of that group then you know what to do.
  • Facebook personal message, if you’re a Facebook friend, or we’re both members of a group.
  • By email (to enquiries@hillplodder.com) or text message if you have my email address or phone number.

It doesn’t really matter which of these you use – I’ll still look to sell the item to the best offer across all of these, and prioritise on a first come first served basis as appropriate.


8 thoughts on “Outing Some Gear

  1. Hi. I’m interested in your Berghaus GPS case. I want to upgrade cameras from my little S95 to a Canon G7X, so I need to be able to get something 4.1 x 2.4 x 1.6 in. (103 x 60 x 40 mm) into it.
    I currently have a similar small case and it rocks for cameras, but not when they’re just slightly too big to come out easily.


    1. Andy, having just measured the inside of the case, it looks like it will be a snug fit on the 1.6in (40mm) dimension. So I just tried my Olympus SZ30 in it (which measures 109 x 68 x 38 mm) and it went in. I did feel like I was forcing it, but I could get my finger in too, so it’s probably ok.

      It seems from your credentials that you may be in Australia ? I hadn’t envisaged sending any of these items that far, but don’t have an objection to doing so in principle. However, the prices quoted above assumed postage within the UK which is about £3. It’s nearly £13 to send this item to Australia as I wouldn’t dream of sending something internationally and not getting confirmation of delivery. I’d need to ask you to cover the extra postage cost.


      1. Wowsers. 13 pounds! 🙂 Yes. I’m in Australia. I didn’t actually see your initial price for this, but 8 pounds is still good. I’m willing to take the risk for non confirmed postage though. If you’re happy to wait a couple of days, I’ll paypal you the funds. Sorry not to get back right away. My hobbit movie marathon yesterday kept me offline for a bit.


  2. Ok, I’ve sent an email to the address shown against your comments, but in summary I’m happy to send you the case unconfirmed at your risk, if we share the extra postage costs – that will make it £9 all-in. In the email, I’ve set out the various alternatives and some payment details if you want to go ahead.


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