A Walk in Belstone Cleave

The forecast isn’t good and I resign myself to a grey and wet day. It takes a while for the gang (@paulgbuck, @jimwonder, @wellycath and me) to get up and get going, but eventually we park in Belstone. Across a patch of grass and then we are into wooded land to the north of the River Taw. Occasional glimpses are seen of the valley below and the hillside opposite. A muddy, slippery path, patches of standing water and treacherous tree roots slow our progress. Ivy Tor can just be seen on the other side of the valley.

Looking across to Ivy Tor #sh
Looking across to Ivy Tor

Soon though, larger rocks lie alongside the path and then we climb up through prickly bushes to look at The Cliff from below. Not very prepossessing, but a tick on the list of Tors and Rocks nevertheless.

The Cliff #sh
The Cliff

We regain the path and drop down through the wood to cross the Taw.

Crossing the Taw
Crossing the Taw

Soon we reach a stream which turns out to be Ivy Tor Water. A steeper slip and slide upwards alongside it and then we have to forge a way between bracken and gorse to find the tor itself. Several abortive paths through the roughage are tried. We find ourselves going higher and then dropping down the hillside, trying to avoid losing our feet from under us on the wet foliage and leaves.

Ivy Tor #sh
Ivy Tor

We reach the tor and mill about exploring.

Below, more steep descent and slippery rocks negotiated, we’re on the path and heading homewards. Two figures are coming our way, and turn out to be Phil (@DaylightGambler) and Sarah (@PascallSarah) come to meet us. Our expanded group carries on to Belstone and plans are made for lunch.

We regroup in the Whitehouse Restaurant (a former Little Chef, but much better now) as the rain starts to lash down. All day breakfasts are consumed and plans for the rest of the day discussed. The pounding rain makes it an easy decision. We retire to Base Camp and leave the Moor for another day.

2016-01-01 Belstone Cleave

Dartmoor Tors and Rocks List

Dartmoor Hills List


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