A spot of Dartmoor “Carbagging”

There’s a nasty rumour making the rounds that I like bagging Dartmoor tors from the comfort of the car – so much so that tors very close to a road have been dubbed “hillplodder tors”. Obviously there is no truth in this vile accusation at all.

But I have been known to visit tors requiring only a short walk from the car, and I often knock a few of these off on the day I drive down to Dartmoor. They fit into an afternoon quite well, especially for tors that wouldn’t fit nicely into an all-day walk. So this weekend, I drove down to Dartmoor, and wended my way through the eastern part of the National Park, stopping off to visit a few tors, rocks and hills…

2016-05-27 Dartmoor Carbagging

3 thoughts on “A spot of Dartmoor “Carbagging”

    1. I know. Some people seem to think it only counts if you’ve had a swim in the nearest river, climb to the very highest point, starting from below sea level and pose a jelly baby there. You know who you are 😉

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