I had an email today from the marketing department at Trespass telling me I’ve been shortlisted in the Hiking/Walking of their 2016 Blog Awards. Now I know some people can be a bit scathing about these things, and the chances of me winning are slim anyway – whenever I’ve been nominated before for something like this I’ve always been up against people with a known much bigger readership than me. I write my blog primarily for myself – as a record to look back on in later years, and as a resource to remind me about trips when planning others, and I publish it as I may as well share it, having written it. I don’t do it to make money or to win awards. I’m just happy that someone out there likes it enough to consider it worth a nomination when there are so many great blogs to choose from. When I write my blog really for myself, any recognition is humbling. Thank you, whoever nominated me.

Feel free to vote for me when the voting opens on 19th December.



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