Golite Jam For Sale


I’m getting rid of my Golite Jam 50L, bought in 2012.

It’s used (obviously), but still got many years of life left in it. For most of my backpacking needs I use a Gossamer Gear Mariposa which suits me fine for multi-day treks. I’ve only tended to use the Jam for short overnight camps, or on multi-days trips when I’m not carrying camping gear. I’ve not kept an exact record but looking back over the walks I’ve done since I got the pack I calculate it at 40 days of walking.

The pack’s in reasonable condition, with no broken straps or buckles. There’s a 1cm tear in the front pocket which doesn’t affect the function. One of the straps is showing a bit of wear, and there’s the sort of accretion of ground-in dirt marks that you’d expect.

Some specs:

Size: Large torso length

Capacity: 50L, including external pockets which account for about 8L I think.

Weight: about 900g (I think)

I’m not going to go into long lists of features – the reviews do those far more efficiently – and if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with what the pack can do. So instead here’s a few photos of the pack in use and showing its condition:

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