Up for the Challenge

The rucksack is packed, my resupply parcel is on its way to Aviemore, and some fresh pants are on their way to Montrose for that feeling of luxury after a fortnight of nether region “crop rotation”. Those I’m leaving behind have been provisioned for the next 10 days and after that they’ll no doubt turn to cannibalism. Training walks are done and my various lower limb ailments seem to be adequately contained. Devices are full of electrons. Maps are printed and so are the train and bus tickets. The ferry is booked. The Social Hiking track is set up. SPOT messages have been set-up and tested, and ways found of making them intelligible for posting to Twitter and Facebook. The location of shops and cash points has been learned. Home-dehydrated meals are made and distributed between pack and parcel. In light of the meals made, extra bogroll has been packed. Laphroig is in the hip flask. The stomach has been lined and it’s time to head into Town and see who’s lurking in the Bree Louise oiling themselves for a long night on the sleeper train. See you all in two-and-a-bit weeks.





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