Made the Cut

The results of the 2018 TGO Challenge application came out today, and thankfully I made the cut. For my second crossing, I’ll be walking with my good friend Paul Buck, aka Moorland Walker. We did the Devon Coast to Coast together last October and found we could stand each other’s company for a whole 8 days, so decided to take the plunge and risk a longer partnership.

I have a start and end point and rough route in mind, but I came up with that before the two of us teamed up, so it’s only going to be fair that there is at least the appearance of a consultation!

Looking forward to doing this again, and for sure next year’s Challenge will be a different experience to my solo effort last time around. Would be nice if we got similar weather though!!



3 thoughts on “Made the Cut

  1. Congratulations Matthew. Being able to tolerate one another is a very important factor, especially at the close of those longer days when tiredness and hunger jick in. My companion on this years Challenge was my best mate of 30yrs and yet there were several occasions when I could’ve quite happily throttled him 😊 My idea of readiness and acceptability of a half-decent spot on which to pitch did not always pair with my companion’s.
    The best of luck to you and happy route planning! I look forward to following your progress.



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