Return to Slug Meadow

Three years ago, I took my son for the Official Annual Birthday Camp (mine, not his), and chose a spot on the North Downs that has forever after been known in this house as Slug Meadow – you can probably imagine why. Well this weekend, my daughter, who’s the same age The Boy was at the time of Sluggate, announced that she was free to go out for a camp. Given a nice clear, but cold, forecast we decided to venture south of the river, and with limited time to get there, I picked Slug Meadow again.

We parked up below the escarpment and walked up the road, and then lane, and then path to climb up through the trees. The Girl was already complaining at the merest suggestion of upwards slope, so I was just as glad as she was when we topped out. We investigated the nearby field and the woods behind, but ultimately decided to push on along a forest ride that brought us out into the corner of Slug Meadow. Thoughtfully I picked a nice spot protected by ramparts of brambles, which should be enough to guard against an invasion of slugs, surely ?

It was a cold night, and Rebecca stayed steadfastly to her tent, whilst I having brought the Hexpeak so we could both sit in it and be sociable, struggled to find warmth in such a large space. I woke with ice on my pillow, which is always nice. No slugs though. A lovely, but cold, morning.

Best of all, on the way back to the car, Rebecca reflected on the fact she’s already camped both months this year so would try to keep it going for the rest of the year. So now I’ve got to find somewhere to take her in March. I’ll leave you with the pics.

She’s not happy walking uphill
Pitching in Slug Meadow
Sticking steadfastly to her tent
Chilli’s off, so chilli substitute it is – hot chocolate with rice
A frosty start
Bacon cures all

That takes me to 6 camps in 8 weeks, not bad for this time of year.


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