White Tors Backpack video

You lucky people (or not, depending on your point of view). A video of my recent White Tors 4 night backpack is now available.

Enjoy ! (or not).

2 thoughts on “White Tors Backpack video

    1. That particular one (Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo) hasn’t been out in anything really bad, which is intentional. I have stronger tents for such conditions. The second night of the trip was quite windy and the tent handled it well. Although I’ve seen plenty of people mention how well it does handle wind and rain (and a friend of mine has been out in his with me in worse conditions with no problems), it wouldn’t be the tent I choose for more challenging conditions. It’s single skin, and doesn’t fully enclose because of the beak, so is firstly not as warm and secondly more prone to condensation that heavy rainfall or wind would probably shake off onto me. For me it’s more of a summer tent, that can handle a night or two of rain, but if I knew I was getting significant wind or rain on my trip I’d generally take something else for the additional comfort of a double skin tent that fully encloses and with a bit more room to move around in if cooped up inside for longer. Since the trip I’ve actually replaced the tent with a Six Moon Designs Deschutes Tarp and paired it with a cheap mesh inner I got on Aliexpress. This effectively gives me a double skin version of the Lunar Solo and is more to my liking. I’d still probably take something else from autumn through to spring though.

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