Making my Own 3 Season Tent – Part 7: The Supplies Arrive

My big box of supplies from Ripstop By The Roll took a week to arrive. They had a fun journey from North Carolina via Memphis, Tennessee to the UK, and after some scare stories I’d heard recently from other people, in the end the import charges came out pretty much bang on what I was expecting.

Everything seemed to be there and ok.

Fabrics, clockwise from top left: HyperD 4000PU, 1.0oz Monolite ripstop mesh, 0.9oz noseeum mesh, 1.1oz silpoly (grey), 1.0oz ripstop nylon (orange)
Various hardware, cordage and sewing thread to match the fabric colours

I also had a pack of samples – a small patch of each of the DCF fabrics, a full set of colour swatches of the 1.1oz silpoly, and some custom swatches in my charcoal grey colour of other fabrics I might consider for a project at some point.

By far the most intriguing item in the box was the Monolite ripstop nylon mesh. This seemed a lot more solid and black than I was expecting, but I guess that would be so if people make hammocks out of it!

I still have a few odds and ends coming from ebay or etsy sellers, but they don’t stop me starting the build. No, what stops me starting the build is the fact I’m not actually ready to do it.

I’ve had to remeasure everything as the design software kept giving me approximate to the nearest cm dimensions, and it seemed to be throwing me off when I use the angles of the triangle. So I’ve gone back and converted everything to mm, which ended up being a re-draw due to the way Sketchup works. Some of the measurements have changed by more than a cm, so not quite sure what’s going on there. Anyway, I now have a more accurate set of measurements to work with. Which means when error creeps in (as it will) when measuring to cut, the overall significance of the error should be much less. Or to put it another way I’m no longer approximating on top of a previous approximation.

Anyway, after a bit of a hiatus I hope to be picking up the instruments again this weekend for another go at a prototype.

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