Pretents Soloist

In my quest for the perfect pyramid, I became aware of the Pretents Soloist when scanning through one of the contintental European gear sites (I can't remember which one, though). At the time they were rather confusingly branded with mentions of Tara Poky, TFS (The Free Spirits) as well as Pretents. I think they were … Continue reading Pretents Soloist

Review: AZ Adventure Atlas

So I was reading this review by Catherine Redfern, aka London Hiker (@LondonHiker), and picked up on the point that these atlases include OS 1:25k mapping, which we all know is the best kind possible. I'd been vaguely aware the atlases existed but somehow this had passed me by. I had a look at A-Z's … Continue reading Review: AZ Adventure Atlas

Review: Hi-Tec Trek Go Activity Tracker

By now anyone who's stuck to rash New Year's resolutions to get fit after the excesses of Yuletide is probably struggling to keep it up, what with the novelty having worn off and the generally depressing state of being back at work for a few weeks now. What's needed is some additional motivation. A few … Continue reading Review: Hi-Tec Trek Go Activity Tracker

Can We Have Gruel Instead ?

It's a little known fact** that the version of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist that we all know and love is in fact not the original version serialised starting in 1837. For instance, the most famous scene originally went thus... ...The evening arrived; the boys took their places. The master, in his cook's uniform, stationed himself … Continue reading Can We Have Gruel Instead ?

Target Dry Element Jacket – Updated Review

It’s been a couple of years since anyone’s sent me gear to review – not because I haven’t had the offers, but simply because I only accept those offers that fit into the type of activity I do and are the sort of thing I would at least consider buying myself. And being able to … Continue reading Target Dry Element Jacket – Updated Review

Gear Review: Montane Atomic Stretch Jacket

So I was minding my own business, when the marketing bods at JD Sports (shiny new owners of Blacks) came up to me desperate to give me some gear and asking me to tell them what I needed. Not wanting to cause offence, a short while later I took delivery of two items - a … Continue reading Gear Review: Montane Atomic Stretch Jacket

Review: Hi Gear Atom 3

This tent was provided to me free of charge by Go Outdoors for the purposes of this review. It's summer and festival season once again, and so it wasn't a huge surprise that the list of tents GO asked me to pick from to review focused firmly on that market. Not a festival-goer myself, I skipped … Continue reading Review: Hi Gear Atom 3

The pressurisation system

Geigerrig RIG 1200 Hydration System

Living Review It's April 2012 and I've now been using this pack heavily on my walks this year.  But when I say pack, I do mean just the pack.  I love the pack itself - despite being claimed to be 19L it seems about the same size as my Berghaus Remote 30.  Consequently, I've found … Continue reading Geigerrig RIG 1200 Hydration System