Coast to Coast - 2nd iteration route

Coast to Coast Planning

The second iteration

Back in September, I tentatively started thinking about this walk.  After abandoning my intention to walk the “official” C2C last year, I still had a lingering desire to do a coast to coast walk.  With my walking calendar for 2012 starting to take shape, I picked up the plan again for a second go. Continue reading “Coast to Coast Planning”

My rough C2C route based around things I want to include

Coast to Coast planning

This walk has been on and off the agenda again and again, and now it’s back on – hopefully for good this time.

I got AW’s Coast to Coast book for Christmas the year before last and intended to do the walk in 2011.  But a lot’s changed since then – I’ve left my job and become freelance, I’ve taken an extended break from work and, particularly, my thoughts have evolved.

With six months off this year, I had the perfect opportunity to do the walk – hey, I even had a diary slot reserved in July – but somehow the walk never happened…..

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