Camp of the Year 2021 (and other matters…)

After the disappointment of not being able to get out much last year, it was pleasing to get back to a more normal level of camps out this year. This year I racked up 26 wild camps and 9 "tame" camps. This takes my all time total to 194 wild camps - which means I … Continue reading Camp of the Year 2021 (and other matters…)

Goodbye Social Hiking

Social Hiking ( dies tomorrow, and I spent much of yesterday backing up/saving down my tracks and routes, which took several hours. For anyone who has yet to do this, you've got until 10pm tomorrow night. A blog post by Phil explains what you can export and how. And while I was steadily working through … Continue reading Goodbye Social Hiking

Best Wildcamps – Introduction and Tarn Camps

I recently took a look through my Wildcamp Gallery, which I started back in 2013 as a visual record I could look back on. The idea was to post one photograph for each wild camp done, and watch it build up over time. As the number of camps grew, the idea was that every time … Continue reading Best Wildcamps – Introduction and Tarn Camps

Deferred Gratification – Part 2

Week 6 of lockdown, and things have settled into a pattern: alternating frenetic bursts of exercise with doing absolutely nothing. Whilst we see in the media images of people acting like twats and abusing the lockdown, the reality here is much more mundane. People are generally distancing pretty well, and most incidents of near misses … Continue reading Deferred Gratification – Part 2

Camp of the Year 2019

This year I only managed 18 wild camps (plus an additional 4 tame camps on the TGO Challenge) against a loose target of 24, falling short largely because I shelved plans for weekends away in September and November due to indifferent weather. In any case, 24 would have been well short of some yearly totals, … Continue reading Camp of the Year 2019