Whilst everyone else is starting the New Year with positive thinking (that is apart from the effects of last night’s drinking), I thought I’d take an opposite tack and talk about failure.

In my walking career I’ve notched up a few failures and whilst I’ve not let them get to me too much, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a desire to expunge them from the record.  So I thought I’d start the year with a good positive post about all my failed ascents – whether down to the weather, the terrain or simply running out of time. Continue reading “Failure”

The Joy of Tarns

“I looked down over the edge of the fell at the tarn below and to my right, glistening and beckoning me down to say hello. After what seemed like a long day, I was tired and knew that once I was at the tarn, all I had to do was follow the path down to New Dungeon Ghyll and the bus back to Ambleside…

I started descending a steep slope, my way becoming increasingly impeded by bracken, rocks and sheep as I progressed. It didn’t look that steep on the map. I persevered and after a rather traumatic descent reached the bottom, found a rock at the side of the tarn, and rested a moment while I took stock….

So I sat at the edge of the tarn and gradually I calmed down as I saw the ridge reflected in the tarn’s still waters, even in these cloudy conditions. I felt the calming influence of the gently lapping water at my feet,….”

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Sunlight over Langstrath

Cumbria Way Day 4

Breakfast by a log fire was a good start to the day and in contrast to the roaring wind and driving rain outside. Also congenial company around the common table meant that it was an hour and a half later that I rose. I can recommend Millbeck Farm – at £30, with tea and cake on arrival, and a reasonable breakfast, it’s decent value.

It was 10:20 before I got going – partly due to the lingering breakfast, but also the weather seemed to be easing, so I gave it a chance. The weather had other ideas though Continue reading “Cumbria Way Day 4”

A Lakeland Round 2007: Day 9 – Tuesday 24 April


I sat on a rock and cried for my mummy.  The rain was still sheeting down, visibility was zilch and I couldn’t be entirely sure where I was – not that I could have seen through my misted up and droplet-covered glasses anyway…   Continue reading “A Lakeland Round 2007: Day 9 – Tuesday 24 April”