Never invite someone called Dale to somewhere all the places have “Dale” in them

Cath’s (@wellycath) been wanting to get a group together for a camp around her birthday for a couple of years now, and finally managed to seize her chance last year when Team Social Hiking decided not to contest the 5-in-5/10-in-10 this year, and instead to try to get together socially sometime in June. This also brought it into the range of my personal festivities and so it came to pass that this year my Official Annual Birthday Camp would be in the company of friends rather than hiding away solo and forlornly at the edge of a field in Kent. Continue reading “Never invite someone called Dale to somewhere all the places have “Dale” in them”

A Quick Pop Up Kinder

Poor old Cath (@wellycath), she tries to arrange a get together and the weather forecast doesn’t play ball. Yours truly ends up having a sneaky camp on the North Downs instead. She tries again, and then finds everyone dropping out for a variety of reasons. Still I made it. Continue reading “A Quick Pop Up Kinder”

The Curse of the Apple Juice

My head throbbed with the effects of alcohol and I knew I was in for a bad few hours.  I didn’t want to do much other than sit somewhere quiet and feel sorry for myself.  And it was raining outside. Maybe that would teach me to drink the scrumpy.  When a drink’s kept in a secret location somewhere away from the bar itself, that does tend to add to its magical allure.  But it also suggests that it could be quite dangerous. Now if only I could make my legs move…

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A week in the Peak District

A tale of butchery, outer space and gritstone.

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