The London Expedition

The plan was hatched at the New Year Dartmoor gathering, and it was simple: the London contingent would meet at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) for a look at the Enduring Eye exhibition of Frank Hurley’s photographs from the ill-fated Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, led by Shackleton. And there may be a few beers after too. It needed something else, though and it wasn’t until a day or two before that I remembered my file of London statues, and more specifically that there was a whole set of statues of explorers. The big question, though, was would they be distributed sensibly. Continue reading “The London Expedition”

Art meets Science

Once again I needed to pop into London and once again it was art related. There seems to be a pattern emerging here. This time it was the Works on Paper Fair, for which I’d been sent a free ticket by Matt Forster, an “überpainter” of stylised mountain landscapes in watercolour. With this unlikely to fill the day, I looked around for something to bulk it out – the obvious things being I could spend more time in the Science Museum where the fair was being held, or I could do a walk. Continue reading “Art meets Science”

A Walk Among the Artists

A deadline has been pressing on me. The Late Turner exhibition at Tate Britain is due to finish this coming weekend, and I hadn’t been to see it yet, even though it had been on since September and I’ve not had work as an excuse. So I set about rectifying that. Continue reading “A Walk Among the Artists”

A New Series of Urban Walks

I’ve been lucky with the amount of time I’ve been able to take since the summer as a break from working, but it can’t last for ever, and soon work will press on me again. With this in mind, and knowing that one of the ways I keep sane when working is by doing some pavement pounding in London, I wanted to come up with a new series of walks. So I did just that. Continue reading “A New Series of Urban Walks”