A Spot of Bushwhacking

There’s really not much to tell about this walk. It simply involved lots of trees. Ducking, diving and twisting around them trying to find odd bits of rock secreted in the depths of the forest. Some of them may even have been a touch naughty to visit. The Tavy was crossed a few times before we finished with trees and walked up to Boulters Tor to retrieve our chariot. Probably best if you just watch the video…But if you do want some words, then Paul has conveniently provided some.

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The Tors and Rocks of Chagford Common and Gidleigh

Yet again a crappy forecast. But it’s Dartmoor, so it comes with the territory. If there’s one thing Dartmoor’s done for me, it’s to improve my tolerance for walking in uncomfortable weather. Today looked like a day for further “training” in that area. Continue reading “The Tors and Rocks of Chagford Common and Gidleigh”

The Moor Beckons

Once again the Moor beckons. I just can’t keep away. Continue reading “The Moor Beckons”

Sleep Walking and A Less Than Manly Beverage

It feels weird heading into London at the end of the day, destined for a walking trip. The usual stressed and miserable faces passing me are replaced by somewhat more relaxed, and somewhat less sober ones. I arrive at Paddington and settle down for a beer to wait for Rich (@FlintyRich) to turn up. I follow his progress into and across London by a stream of social media check-ins. He joins me with a beer and we sit out the remaining wait time before the train catching up on things since we last met up. Continue reading “Sleep Walking and A Less Than Manly Beverage”

The Far End of Cornwall – Part 3: Guano and Galleries

Day 5

The Old Man had clearly been struggling the day before, a combination of a dearth of training and a surplus of blisters. So much so that the state of his feet ruled him out of a walk today, so I set off on my tod, taking the same bus journey out to Zennor for the start of today’s perambulation. Continue reading “The Far End of Cornwall – Part 3: Guano and Galleries”

The Far End of Cornwall – Part 2: The Corner

Day 3

The bus dropped us back at Porthcurno, among the tourists arriving to visit the Minack Theatre, and we walked around it as much as we could short of actually paying to get in. We had other things to do. Continue reading “The Far End of Cornwall – Part 2: The Corner”

The Far End of Cornwall – Part 1: The Plodders of Penzance

Day 0

Familiar stations flashed by as the train made its way through Devon – Tiverton Parkway, my old city of Exeter, then the highlight of the whole route with the coastal section through Dawlish and Teignmouth. Soon we were passing Dartmoor, and I craned my neck to get a glimpse of a favourite place. Continue reading “The Far End of Cornwall – Part 1: The Plodders of Penzance”

A Misty Meet

I pulled up in the car park at Lane End and spotted Paul (@paulgbuck) and Col (@colinastbury) over to the right, so hobbled over to meet them. Continue reading “A Misty Meet”

Clitter and Clotted Cream

Bluebells on East Hill #sh
Bluebells on East Hill


East Hill was a riot of purple and yellow as I climbed up and contoured around to find the first tor of the day Continue reading “Clitter and Clotted Cream”

Tors and Beaches – A week in Devon

Every year close to Easter, we get together with a group of old university friends – a tradition that’s been going on for 20 years now. Consequently we’re running out of new places to go, and as we’ve evolved into family groups and acquired children and dogs, additional criteria that further restrict our choice of location get added. This time, though, I was keen to see if I could steer the decision in favour of Devon so that an opportunity to bag a few more tors on Dartmoor could be created. Continue reading “Tors and Beaches – A week in Devon”

Dartmoor: A North Eastern Backpack

With the others departed, I spend most of the last evening at the bunkhouse with maps and laminated tors spread out on a table in front of me, trying to come up with a route that fits my needs. With a forecast for a couple of virtually clear days with little wind, an overnight route with a wild camp high on a tor is very much the order of the day, or more precisely – night. Continue reading “Dartmoor: A North Eastern Backpack”

Dartmoor: A Tale of Two Hessaries

I pull into the car park at the Plume of Feathers and find Phil, settle into the bunkhouse, while Phil proudly shows me his recent additions to his library – Crossing’s book and the Dartmoor 365 book. As I unpack, Phil regales me with extracts from both.   Continue reading “Dartmoor: A Tale of Two Hessaries”