Well, England’s my home country, and the one I do most of my walking in.  And although it feels like I spend most of that time in the Lake District, it’s not true and I’m accumulating walks in other areas too.  So it’s about time that they’re indexed into the site properly (click on the titles to go to each page where one exists).  The order reflects mainly the amount of walking in each area, and I’m not generally creating the sub-pages until there’s actually something to read.

Lake District

The Lake District is the mountain area I’ve been to more than any other and almost as many times as all of the other areas put together.

Peak District

I don’t go to the Peak District anywhere near as much as I could and should.  It’s an important place to me, having been instrumental in kindling my embryonic walking hobby back in 2005 and the start of me getting really serious about it in 2007.

Yorkshire Dales

A couple of trips in 2007 is all I really have so far, but I plan to return.

Northern Pennines

Nothing yet, but if my Coast to Coast walk comes off, then there will be.

Northumberland and The Cheviots

Nothing yet, but if my Coast to Coast walk comes off, then there will be.

North York Moors

I’ve been once, but as a result have put the Cleveland Way on my to do list.

South West

I lived in the south west for 7 years at university and afterwards for my first job.  But, shamefully, I did very little serious walking while I had the moors on my doorstep.  I’ve tried to make up for that a bit since.

South East

Where I live now, and at the bottom of the list for a very good reason – it’s too flat for my liking.  But I have to make use of what I’ve got.  Many of these walks involve the North Downs, being the hilliest terrain within easy reach of my house.

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