MYOG (Make Your Own Gear)

This page acts as an index to all (being optimistic) my MYOG projects. As someone who is a bit of a perfectionist in terms of finding gear that does exactly what I need, and turned over quite a lot of gear in that quest, I have come to the conclusion that to really achieve my requirements I need to be prepared to make it myself, or at least to be able to modify something bought.

So I thought I would look into the practicalities of making gear, and the more I found out about it, the less scary the idea became. So I decided to take the plunge.

MYOG “Versa Mid”

This project was about blending all the aspects I like from a number of shelters I admire, with none of the bits I dislike. It is a bit of a hybrid of the following, taking ideas from each:

  • Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo
  • Tramplite Backpacker Solo
  • Tipik-tentes Pioulou
  • MLD Cricket
  • 3F UL Gear Lanshan 1
  • Wild Gear Designs Penta Tarp

I was looking for a shelter that was firstly double skin – the main flaw with the Lunar Solo – but offering a decent amount of space, and some versatility. I borrowed the idea of the zipperless doors from the Pioulou, and these thereby also provided much of the versatility – by adopting a wrap-over door arrangement, that made it easier to extend and “fly” the doors, or even to stake them out with varying degrees of vestibule.

The result was a pretty rough and ready shelter, that bore all the hallmarks of a first project. It wasn’t going to win any beauty contests or other prizes. But it works well as a light 2-3 season shelter I can use with an inner, a bivvy etc.

1Initial Thoughts about the type of shelter I was looking for
2Initial design and specs
3Prototype and design changes
4Learning to cut and sew
5Ordering the supplies
6More sewing and refining
7Supplies arrived
8Making a larger prototype
9Making a larger prototype (continued)
10The Build !
11The Result !
12Field testing and conclusions

MYOG Bivvy Tent

This project (still in progress) will hopefully solve my years-long quest for a suitable lowland stealth shelter that’s low profile but also light and reasonably spacious. You don’t seem to get all of these.

This will be a side-opening shelter that’s higher at the head end than the foot end. It will be capable of being opened along its length or like a tunnel.

Miscellaneous bits and pieces

Stuffsacks and Pouches