It’s scary the number of shelters that I’ve had. Here they all are:

Shelters Still With Me

Shelter Acquired Disposed of Notes

Ultimate Peapod
May 2017 I used Peapods in the Scouts in the 1980s and promised myself if I ever saw one for sale I’d buy it. So I did.

Outdoor Research Helium Bivvy
Oct 2016 I’m not a huge fan of bivvying but do it sometimes locally as it’s difficult to find discreet pitches. Also used sometimes in place of an inner with one of my other shelters to give me options.

Mountain Laurel Designs Duomid
Jul 2016 My vanity tent. Used mainly for high camps in ok conditions (ie for taking nice pictures).

Snugpak Ionosphere
Aug 2015 Replaced Higear Soloista when that shelter proved to be too small such that I ripped the inner. Used almost exclusively for lowland wild camping.

Luxe Hexpeak
Oct 2014 Replaced MLD Trailstar when I realised I wanted a shelter that had more headroom and a door. Probably my most versatile shelter. Used mainly for campsites or if she’s not been out for a while.

Quechua T6.2 XL
Sep 2014 Bigger version of the Quechua T6.2 XL with more living room space.

HiGear Atom 3
Jun 2013 This was provided by GoOutdoors for a review. Still used for campsite camping, especially by my daughter for Scout camps where she has to share.

Tarptent Scarp1
Mar 2012 Bought when I started wild camping and needed a tougher tent than my Quechua one. My favourite shelter by a long way. Used whenever I’m unsure of the forecast or know it will be rubbish. Also for camping in snow. A warm, comfortable and robust shelter.

Quechua T2 Ultralight Pro
Mar 2007 Actually still got this but it’s my daughter’s tent now. Decent first tent but needed something a little more hardy in poor weather for wild camping up high.

Quechua T6.2
May 2006 Family tent.

Shelters That Have Been and Gone

Picture Acquired Disposed of Notes

Cheap Chinese Tent off Aliexpress
Oct 2016 Dec 2016 Bought on a whim and because it resembled the Gramcounter Gear Litehouse Solo that I still miss. Didn’t like it when it turned up and couldn’t see me using it so sold it on.

Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo
Apr 2016 Jul 2016 Bought as a treat, loved it, but found it a fairly cold tent and decided to replace it with a Duomid.

HiGear Soloista
Jul 2013 Jun 2016 When GoOutdoors asked me which of their Higear tents I’d like to review, this was the obvious one to pick. Sadly they sent me the Atom 3 instead, but I liked the look of the Soloista so bought one anyway – they were only £20. Great tent but a bit short for me, so replaced it with the Snugpak Ionosphere.

Six Moon Designs Lunar Duo Outfitter
Dec 2014 Jun 2015 Bought from the bargain bin because it was so cheap, but quickly realised it wasn’t going to get used. Sold on.

Mountain Laurel Designs Trailstar
Aug 2014 Oct 2014 Hated the lack of headroom and lack of a door in this.

Gramcounter Gear Litehouse Solo
Summer 2012 Aug 2014 Loved this tent and still regret getting rid of it. You can’t buy them now. Great tent at the wrong time.

Rab Ridge Raider bivvy
Summer 2012 Aug 2014 Bought second hand on a whim but only got one outing. Decided bivvying wasn’t for me. In hindsight, I just wasn’t ready for bivvying then.