A Lakeland Round (2007)

This trip was a bit of a disaster.  I was massively overambitious in my planning, took too much stuff, wasn’t physically up to the walking, and then the weather made things worse.  Before this trip started my goal of climbing all of the English Hewitts  was sort of on track, having bagged all (ok, both) of the Peak District tops meeting the criteria.  Afterwards, the whole project, which was up against it anyway considering how many I had to do in 3 months, was blown to pieces.  Here’s the story of how it all fell apart and what I learned.


Day 1: Monday 16 April – Arriving in Coniston

Day 2: Tuesday 17 April – Coniston to Little Langdale

Day 3: Wednesday 18 April – Ambleside to Buttermere

Day 4: Thursday 19 April – The Crummock Horseshoe

Day 5: Friday 20 April – Dale Head, Hindscarth and Robinson

Day 6: Saturday 21 April – The Grisedale Horseshoe

Day 7: Sunday 22 April – Little Town to Rosthwaite

Day 8: Monday 23 April – Rained off

Day 9: Tuesday 24 April – Rosthwaite to Grasmere

The End of the Trip

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