Favourite Fells

There are some fells that a walker will return to time and time again.  In my case, because I’ve been working my way through the Wainwrights I’ve tried to do new fells each time, so the number of fells that I’ve visited more than once is quite low – less than a couple of dozen.  But even though I’ve only been once, some fells have managed to imprint themselves upon my mind in a way that multiple visits to others can’t do.  This page is dedicated to my favourite Lake District fells, which is a rolling list which adjusts each time I conquer a new fell or revisit on old one.

Because my top 20 is being revealed in reverse order, one at a time, this list will update gradually.

No. Name
1 Eagle Crag
2 Seathwaite Fell
3 Yewbarrow
4 Castle Crag
5 Helvellyn
6 Lingmell
7 Scafell
8 Pavey Ark
9 Bowfell
10 Pike of Stickle
11 Harter Fell (Eskdale)
12 Scafell Pike
13 Red Screes
14 Green Crag
15 Holme Fell
16 Mellbreak
17 Binsey
18 High Rigg
19 Causey Pike
20 Helm Crag

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