Dartmoor: Not Quite as Forecast

Last weekend was the first trip to Dartmoor of the year, as a combination of illness and uninspiring forecasts made me decide to forego the now traditional Dartmoor New Year. Consequently I was itching to get out to camp somewhere I didn’t have to hide, both overnighters so far this year having been in lowly Essex.

I arrived at Paul’s midday Thursday, dumped the car and headed up onto the moor by way of the East Okement and the Tarka Trail. Not having come this way before, it proved to be a pleasant way up onto the moor. Continue reading “Dartmoor: Not Quite as Forecast”

The Essex Way: Part 2 – A1060 to White Notley

A little over a week later from my first section of the Essex Way, I was back and ready for more. This time the plan was to pick up where I left off, conveniently at a bus stop, and walk to White Notley where there’s a station. My mapping software, into which I’d imported a GPX of the route, told me it would be about 27km – but I knew it would be more as I could see the supplied route had cut a few corners. So I didn’t expect to polish it off in one day, and so planned for a camp out. Continue reading “The Essex Way: Part 2 – A1060 to White Notley”

The Essex Way: Part 1 – Epping to the A1060

The Essex Way is a long distance route of 130km (81 miles) stretching from Epping in the West to Harwich in the East. It was created as a result of a competition organised by the CPRE in 1972, and some of the original CPRE-branded waymarks can still be seen on the route (although now largely replaced by Essex County Council waymarks). The route is described as “… lovely, taking you through ancient woodland, open farmland, tree-lined river valleys and leafy green lanes, with plenty of picturesque and historic villages along the way.” So it seemed like a decent candidate for a mini-project. Continue reading “The Essex Way: Part 1 – Epping to the A1060”

Art of the Year 2017

Artistically, 2017 has been increasingly busy, with my first London exhibition to prepare for, a couple of art fairs, and I also began teaching. I have, however, had some time to produce a few paintings – so here is a selection of this year’s work. All items are available for sale, so feel free to get in touch to take them off my hands! Images link to the item in my shop.

Continue reading “Art of the Year 2017”

Pictures of the Year 2017

This is just a selection of a few favourite memories and pictures from what’s happened this year.

New Year’s Day: A stroll on Walkhampton Common, Dartmoor

Continue reading “Pictures of the Year 2017”

Unexpected Joys in the Clag

Barely am I back from my cruise to Greenland, Iceland and Norway (more about that if I get around to it in due course), then the post-holiday gloom of returning to work hits full face. A lack of decent walking opportunities on the cruise, means it’s 3 months since I did any form of backpacking, and I’m itching to get out. One break from work quickly spawns the need for another.  Continue reading “Unexpected Joys in the Clag”

In the Frame

A few weeks ago, the editor of TGO Magazine contacted me to ask if I’d like to be in their “In the Frame” feature, which showcases the work of a different landscape artist each month. Of course I said yes, and after offering Emily a selection of works to choose from, she went for “Cairngorm Glen”, a piece inspired by this year’s TGO Challenge. It was all the more satisfying that my turn came in the October issue of the magazine, as this is the issue where the application process for next year’s TGO Challenge kicks off. Naturally, my application for that went in pretty quickly yesterday too. Continue reading “In the Frame”

The Moor

The track is mine and I enjoy the novelty of walking without the expectation of seeing anyone. I’m alone with the sound of my feet crunching stones on the track and birds going about their business above. A herd of deer scatter on the hillside to my left, a rabbit bounds away through the wood. A solitary sheep fixes me with a steely gaze. For the first time in the walk, I feel like I’m properly testing myself in this unfamiliar terrain. Continue reading “The Moor”

Art of the TGO Challenge

Amongst all of the other kit decisions I had to make ahead of embarking on the TGO Challenge this year was the one about art kit – what to take ? what would I be likely to use ? was it even worth bothering ? In the end I stuck to my usual approach of a small box of watercolours, a couple of pens and brushes, something to hold some water, a paperback journal (which I was taking anyway to keep notes in), and a few sheets of watercolour paper in a case I got the urge to do anything more than a quick sketch (which I didn’t). Continue reading “Art of the TGO Challenge”