North Downs Way

At the start of 2006 I started a project to walk the North Downs Way in sections whenever I could fit it in. As a Kentish Man by origin, and now living only just over the border in Essex, I consider the NDW to be my home National Trail, although technically the Thames Path is closer.

In a fit of enthusiasm I set myself the target of completing the walk in 2006 which would need 10-12 day walks and which would keep me in shape for hillwalking trips during the year. Or that, at least, was the plan.

Of course it didn’t quite work out that way, and after the first few walks, other things got in the way and the walk fell by the wayside. My focus on hillwalking, particularly in the Lake District, over the next few years meant that it would be nearly 5 years before I resumed this path, and a further 5 before I finished it. But it’s done now.

This page acts as the index to the posts for the individual day walks making up this long distance path.

  1. Farnham to Guildford
  2. Guildford to Westhumble
  3. Westhumble to Merstham
  4. Merstham to Knockholt
  5. Knockholt to Wrotham
  6. Wrotham to Blue Bell Hill
  7. Blue Bell Hill to Detling (½ day)
  8. Detling to Dunn Street
  9. Dunn Street to Chilham (½ day)
  10. Chilham to Dover (2 days)
  11. Dover to Boughton Lees (2 days)

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