South West Coast Path

This one came out of a conversation with my father when in 2007 we talked about doing some walking on the Dorset coast, scene of several childhood family holidays.  Realising the the SWCP covered all of the area we were looking at, the idea morphed into doing the path itself, although originally we were only really looking at that first stretch and had no firm plans to do the whole thing.

The 4 days my father, brother and I did in June 2008 were hot and sunny and it was a great few days walking – so much so that we decided to continue with the path and to do it in annual chunks. We have broken the path down into sections (completed sections link to write-ups of the walks):

  1. South Haven Point to Weymouth (2008)
  2. Weymouth to Sidmouth (2009)
  3. Sidmouth to Dartmouth (2010)
  4. Dartmouth to Plymouth (2011)
  5. Plymouth to St Austell (2012)
  6. Looe to Falmouth (2013)
  7. Falmouth to (almost) Penzance (2014)
  8. Penzance to St Ives (2015)
  9. St Ives to Padstow (2016)
  10. Padstow to ?? (2017)
  11. ?? to ?? (2018)

The sections have been chosen to be 4-6 days walking each year, and so that we can get to the start and end by train, or worst case a decent bus service.

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