SWCP 2011

The last 2 years were the easiest 2 sections of the entire path, and from this year it got harder.

Gradient Profile for 2011 Section: Dartmouth to Plymouth
Gradient Profile for 2011 Section: Dartmouth to Plymouth

The route  started much as last year’s ended – a succession of cliffs and coves and continued in the same vein for most of this year’s walk, only dropping to sea level to cross rivers and for the odd cove.  There were a number of rivers to cross this year, most of which have ferries, but there is no ferry across the Erme and we either had to wade or walk around it.  We solved this problem by breaking overnight at the Erme so that the walk around was spread over two days.

The story of this year’s walk is told in the following posts:

  1. Planning
  2. Preparing for the walk
  3. Day 1: Dartmouth to Torcross
  4. Day 2: Torcross to Salcombe
  5. Day 3: Salcombe to River Avon
  6. Day 4: River Avon to River Erme
  7. Day 5: River Erme to River Yealm
  8. Day 6: River Yealm to Plymouth
  9. Accommodation
  10. Meals
  11. Debrief
Overview of 2011 section
Overview of 2011 section


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