SWCP 2012

5 years in and we’ve reached Plymouth.  Now it gets interesting as the travelling to and from the path takes longer and the sections individually more challenging.

The plan this year is to at least walk as far as St Austell (about 40 miles) or better still as far as Falmouth (70 miles or so).  These are the two significant places on the railway making for an easy return home.  But that’s before I look at the bus network which may provide an opportunity to aim for somewhere in between.

Past years have shown that a trip lasting about 5 days and with daily distances in the 8-12 mile range seems to work best, depending on gradients.  Any more than that and the walking can sometimes be repetitious as well as people getting fed up of each other!  With the increased gradients this year, there’s no way we can make Falmouth in 5 days, yet St Austell seems not far enough.  So the key planning challenge this year is coming up with an overall length trip/walk that is viable.  In past years, accommodation, river crossings and firing ranges have dictated the plan, so it’s always something.

The trip will take place in May and needs to be planned to be cost effective, yet without using hostels or camping.  This page will evolve to record planning progress and the eventual completion of the trip.

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