In 2011, after a few years of being a member of the BOF (since my wife bought family membership), I actually decided to attend an orienteering event.  Although I came away from it with bruised ribs from a fall early on, I quite enjoyed it and saw it as a way to help maintain some condition during the quieter walking months of autumn and winter.  I also thought it wouldn’t do any harm to improve my micro-navigation. This page chronicles my feeble attempts at orienteering.

Date Location Club Course Time Position
01/10/2011 Latton Woods CHIG Orange 00:55:53 2
30/10/2011 Thordon South HAVOC Light Green 01:00:42 11
08/01/2012 Langdon Hills HAVOC Light Green 01:22:03 9
12/02/2012 Claybury CHIG Green 01:35:22 16
01/04/2012 Hainault CHIG Green 01:28:47 28
22/04/2012 Thordon North HAVOC Green 01:08:41 27

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