John and Ann Nuttall compiled a list of the mountains of  Wales and England as 2 books (Volume 1 and 2 respectively).

The criteria for inclusion are tops that reach 2,000ft and with 50ft of drop on all sides. With the coming of metric maps, these were then converted to 610m and 15m respectively.

Because surveying techniques have become a lot more accurate over the years, and in particular because of the difficulty of measuring “drop”, there have been a number of additions and deletions to the lists.

When I’m knocking these off, I also look at the hills that have been deleted from the list, just in case they ever get reinstated, and if this does happen, I simply adjust my records accordingly.

I can probably sum up by saying that I’m tracking the Nuttals as I do them, but I’m not proactively seeking them out to complete the list at this stage – except in the Lake District where I am targetting the Nuttalls equally with the Wainwrights.  I suspect that once I’ve got the Lake District out of my system I will focus more attention elsewhere.

Anyway, here is the summit by summit list in order of what I’ve bagged.

Please look at the page of statistics for each:

English Nuttalls

Welsh Nuttalls


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