Wainwright Outlying Fells

After he completed his 7 Pictorial Guides and was getting on a bit, Alfred Wainwight turned his attention to the lower hills lying on the fringes of the Lake District National Park.  The result was the book “The Outlying Fells of Lakeland”.  Unlike the main 7 Pictorial Guides, the Outlying Fells are covered as a series of walks, with some walks visiting several summits, some of which are nameless.  This list is gleaned from that book.  I’m not currently specifically targetting completion of these, but as my main Wainwright quest spreads out from the central fells, it is inevitable that some of these come into play.  So I’m recording which ones I’ve done and any that I can mop up, then great.  The list does have some interesting anomalies though:

  • Black Combe at 600m would have qualified as Wainwright no. 131 (out of 214) if it had been included, and indeed the outlying fells between Black Combe and Eskdale arguably should have been included in the main guides due to their stature.  But it seems that these didn’t fit into Wainwright’s planned pattern, and so were excluded.  The nearest Wainwright to these, Green Crag, at 489m, just serves to highlight this discrepancy, as does the fact that Black Combe is included in the Trail 100 (and rightly so, in my opinion).  Personally, I view the whole group of outlying fells between Eskdale and Coniston as the 8th (lost) group of Wainwrights, being the South Western Fells.  I am aiming to complete all of these, and indeed have completed 21 of the 34.
  • Walna Scar, at 621m, is technically a mountain (Nuttall) and part of the south western ridge extending from Dow Crag.  This also seems out of place as an outlying fell.
  • Humphrey Head, a mere 53m high, isn’t even in the National Park!  And it’s not that high either.

All in all, I love the Outlying Fells that I’ve done as much as the “proper” Wainwrights and see them as in no way inferior to them.

So far I have completed 22 of the 116 fells.  Here’s the list in order

Name Height(m) Height(ft) Grid Ref Date Classification
Walna Scar (1) 621 2037 SD257963 17/04/2007 NOB
Black Combe (2) 600 1969 SD135854 03/07/2010 T5MPOB
White Combe (3) 417 1368 SD154862 03/07/2010 OB
Stoupdale Head (4) 472 1549 SD151873 03/07/2010 OB
Buck Barrow (5) 549 1801 SD151910 04/07/2010 5OB
Kinmont Buck Barrow (6) 535 1755 SD146909 04/07/2010 OB
Burn Moor (7) 543 1781 SD151924 04/07/2010 OB
Whitfell (8) 573 1880 SD158929 04/07/2010 5MPOB
The Pike (9) 370 1214 SD186934 05/07/2010 OB
Hesk Fell (10) 477 1565 SD176946 05/07/2010 POB
Stainton Pike (11) 498 1634 SD152942 05/07/2010 OB
Yoadcastle (12) 494 1621 SD156952 05/07/2010 OB
Woodend Height (13) 487 1598 SD156954 05/07/2010 OB
White Pike (Birkby Fell) (14) 442 1450 SD150956 05/07/2010 OB
The Knott (Stainton Fell) (15) 331 1086 SD143951 05/07/2010 OB
Burney (16) 298 978 SD260858 28/03/2011 PO
Blawith Knott (17) 248 814 SD260884 29/03/2011 O
Tottlebank Height (18) 236 774 SD269885 29/03/2011 O
Wool Knott (19) 223 732 SD272896 29/03/2011 O
Beacon Fell (20) 255 837 SD278907 29/03/2011 PO
Yew Bank (21) 207 679 SD262909 29/03/2011 O
Heughscar Hill (22) 375 1230 NY488231 18/09/2012 OB

Numbers in brackets after the name shows the count as each one was bagged (e.g. 17 indicates my 17th for this particular list). (R) indicates a repeat of a summit previously counted. (Fail) indicates a failed attempt to summit. Names, heights and grid refs taken from v11 of the Database of British Hills.

The classification codes used above are:
4 = 4000er
3 = 3000er
T = Trail 100
U = Munro
H = Hewitt
N = Nuttall
5 = Dewey
M = Marilyn
P = HuMP
W = Wainwright
O = Wainwright Outlying
B = Birkett

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