The Far End of Cornwall – Part 3: Guano and Galleries

Day 5 The Old Man had clearly been struggling the day before, a combination of a dearth of training and a surplus of blisters. So much so that the state of his feet ruled him out of a walk today, so I set off on my tod, taking the same bus journey out to Zennor for … Continue reading The Far End of Cornwall – Part 3: Guano and Galleries

Autumn in the Lakes: Arty Stuff

It's really rather nice sitting here by Derwentwater taking in the views and attempting to transfer them to paper, and I don't regret the way today's plans have worked out at all. Never has a walk plan changed so much as today's has. Having made sketchy arrangements to meet up with Paul (@paulgbuck) for a … Continue reading Autumn in the Lakes: Arty Stuff

Warning: Unexpected Culture in Thurrock

Yes, you heard it here first. Despite appearances to the contrary, there is culture to be found in Thurrock, which may I remind you was recently determined as the most miserable place in the country, according to Cameron's new-fangled happiness index. And I can reveal that it is more than a bit shit here. So … Continue reading Warning: Unexpected Culture in Thurrock