Three for his Knob

Cath (@wellycath), being the incredibly juvenile middle-aged person that she is, could not let the opportunity to visit a comically-named mountain go, and so the Tuesday of Easter week saw Cath, Andy and I set off on the quest. To where I hear you ask ? To here of course.... A route having already … Continue reading Three for his Knob

Cambrian Way Phase 1

What with work commitments and leaving it late to make the final arrangements, the original intention to do the Cambrian Way in one 3 week (ish) adventure had to be reconsidered, and I planned a shorter trip to do as much of the southern section in a week to 10 days as I could. Here's … Continue reading Cambrian Way Phase 1

Cambrian Way #2: Abergavenny to Talybont (Days 5 – 8)

I've now reached Talybont which marks approximately 2/3 of the walk for this southern section of the Cambrian Way. Replanning this stage as a 4 day rather than 3 day walk was the right thing to do, with the result that I arrived at the youth hostel in much better shape than I arrived in … Continue reading Cambrian Way #2: Abergavenny to Talybont (Days 5 – 8)

Planning the Cambrian Way – Part 4: Abergavenny to Llandovery

Could this be the most problematic section of the walk to plan ? It was certainly starting to look that way. It's the longest section according to my initial carve up and with me needing to make sweeping assumptions about the daily distances I could make by predicting my fitness and the effect of any … Continue reading Planning the Cambrian Way – Part 4: Abergavenny to Llandovery