A Spot of Bushwhacking

There’s really not much to tell about this walk. It simply involved lots of trees. Ducking, diving and twisting around them trying to find odd bits of rock secreted in the depths of the forest. Some of them may even have been a touch naughty to visit. The Tavy was crossed a few times before we finished with trees and walked up to Boulters Tor to retrieve our chariot. Probably best if you just watch the video…But if you do want some words, then Paul has conveniently provided some.

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Falling in Love with Dartmoor – Part 3: Some Strange Behaviour

The Cox Tor and Pew Tor Figure of 8

We repeat the process of 24 hours before and assemble in the Fox Tor before piling into cars for the short drive out to the start of the walk. ┬áMist shrouds the top of North Hessary Tor as we drive out of Princetown, with the top of the TV mast poking out as if it’s somehow suspended above the cloud. Continue reading “Falling in Love with Dartmoor – Part 3: Some Strange Behaviour”