Whilst everyone else is starting the New Year with positive thinking (that is apart from the effects of last night's drinking), I thought I'd take an opposite tack and talk about failure. In my walking career I've notched up a few failures and whilst I've not let them get to me too much, I'd be … Continue reading Failure

A Lakeland Round 2007: Day 9 – Tuesday 24 April

Despair I sat on a rock and cried for my mummy.  The rain was still sheeting down, visibility was zilch and I couldn't be entirely sure where I was - not that I could have seen through my misted up and droplet-covered glasses anyway...   Ok, maybe I wasn't quite as much in the shit … Continue reading A Lakeland Round 2007: Day 9 – Tuesday 24 April

Blea Rigg reflected in Easedale Tarn

Ambleside Ambles

This was my first solo trip to the Lake District and little did I realise how significant it would be or how many subsequent trips would follow. It's only in hindsight that these things come into perspective.The PlanThe previous weekend I was sitting at home, my parents were around and I'd just had a really … Continue reading Ambleside Ambles