The 10-in-10 (ish)

The first thing I saw as I stepped off the bus at Rosthwaite, a stop short of where I ought to, was Eagle Crag, one of my most favourite fells, peering out from behind Rosthwaite Fell. This just reminded me that it's ages since I've been to Borrowdale. Quite apart from the challenge itself, it … Continue reading The 10-in-10 (ish)

UK Three Peaks (2005): The Aftermath

Somehow I made it down to breakfast the next morning, although my thighs were on fire and from the waist down I felt like a combination of John Wayne and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  And then the journey home in the minibus went by in a blur.  I braved the strange looks again on the tube as … Continue reading UK Three Peaks (2005): The Aftermath

The team approaches the summit

UK Three Peaks (2005): Snowdon

Sunday 17 July 14:00ish What a way to spend my wedding anniversary.  Dave is thrashing the van down the M6 in a desperate battle to get to Llanberis and avoid being pulled out of the challenge.  It feels strangely motivating.  Dave also seems to take a proactive approach to sheep on the road and seems … Continue reading UK Three Peaks (2005): Snowdon

Scafell Pike summit plateau

UK Three Peaks (2005): Scafell Pike

Sunday 17 July 03:50  We arrive at Southwaite Services on the M6 for our Scafell Pike briefing.  It's annoying to see people in sleeping bags, indicating that there's a fair chance they've had some sleep.  I take the opportunity for a wash, a fry-up and, most importantly a cup of tea. 04:32 We set-off for … Continue reading UK Three Peaks (2005): Scafell Pike

On the Zig Zags

UK Three Peaks (2005): Ben Nevis

Friday 15 July 10:30  Amazingly, we set off only half an hour late, which we put down to our strategy of telling Rik an earlier time than the rest of us.  We all assembled in Wembley, because there was a tube station, but also because that was where we were picking the minibus, that would … Continue reading UK Three Peaks (2005): Ben Nevis

Training on the North Downs

UK Three Peaks (2005): Start of the Adventure

It's March 2005, and one day at work, the IT Director's personal assistant circulated an email inviting people to sign-up to enter the 3 Peaks challenge.  Now I don't usually go for things like this, as I'm not that fit and whilst I enter these things with good intentions, my actual performance tends to fall … Continue reading UK Three Peaks (2005): Start of the Adventure