Endgame (London LOOP Part 12)

Shiny golden circles adorned the forecast for today and it would have been criminal not to have taken advantage of the conditions to finish off the LOOP, especially as one opportunity had already been passed up last week. Continue reading “Endgame (London LOOP Part 12)”

A Tale of Lavender and Conkers (London LOOP Part 9)

I had a bad feeling about today when my apparently on time train was cancelled in the time that it took me to go from the ticket hall to the platform. I nearly turned around and went home, but struggled on although this delay now put me firmly in rush hour. I was glad I did as it was a great day to be out for a walk.

I alighted at Ewell West and spent a few moments getting my bearings, before heading off into town to pick up the path proper. Today was one of those days where I saw several London LOOP information boards, none of which were much use as they all covered the bit I’d just done. Continue reading “A Tale of Lavender and Conkers (London LOOP Part 9)”