The Gathering of the Clan

From far and wide they came – the south west, the south east, the bit in the middle, and one on foot from Langdale – the Social Hikers gathered near Keswick for our third crack at the 10-in-10 and 5-in-5 in aid of MS Society. Now less a gathering of people who know each other online but had never met face to face, increasingly these meets are bringing together established friends. Old banter and jokes are reworked and the fun continues where it left off last time. Continue reading “The Gathering of the Clan”

Robinson and Hindscarth from Dale Head

A Lakeland Round 2007: Day 5 – Friday 20 April

Buttermere to Little Town

Today’s plan, formed in the pub last night and refined as I lay awake listening to the wind and rain, was to have the easiest possible walk over into the Newlands Valley, whilst still gaining some summits.  So it was quite obvious to pick Robinson and Hindscarth, but I made the job a bit easier by getting the bus up to the Honister Pass to reduce the ascent slightly.

But first I had to strike camp, and waited for a gap in the rain so I could get the tent down.   Continue reading “A Lakeland Round 2007: Day 5 – Friday 20 April”