Asterix and the Defence of the Thames (London LOOP Part 1)

I stepped out from the front door and headed for the river. With 15 miles to walk, I decided that starting by walking in the opposite direction to pick up the riverside path the easy way wasn't really the best idea, opting instead for a nondescript footpath between houses and a fence that should lead … Continue reading Asterix and the Defence of the Thames (London LOOP Part 1)

Warning: Unexpected Culture in Thurrock

Yes, you heard it here first. Despite appearances to the contrary, there is culture to be found in Thurrock, which may I remind you was recently determined as the most miserable place in the country, according to Cameron's new-fangled happiness index. And I can reveal that it is more than a bit shit here. So … Continue reading Warning: Unexpected Culture in Thurrock

The white course

Becoming part of the food chain

Today I nearly became part of the food chain, when a hulking great beast tried to eat me.  Here's how it happened... Ok, I have exaggerated slightly above for literary effect, but the story itself is true.  I woke to an outside temperature of -2C and then it started raining.  Great.  An iced-over driveway meant … Continue reading Becoming part of the food chain

Jim’ll Thicket

Now then, now then, first things first.  An apology for the title of this post.  And an even bigger apology for the pun and tenuous association with the actual subject matter! (Sir) Jimmy Saville who died this weekend was known for his brightly coloured shell suits and big chunky jewellery.  And his chair which seemed … Continue reading Jim’ll Thicket

Training for the Cumbria Way

With time on my hands, now that I don't have to go to work for several months, and with (hopefully) an improvement in the weather on the way, it's time to start getting out and about.  I'm scheduled to do the Cumbria Way at the end of this month, and after a winter's relative inactivity … Continue reading Training for the Cumbria Way

Training on the North Downs

UK Three Peaks (2005): Start of the Adventure

It's March 2005, and one day at work, the IT Director's personal assistant circulated an email inviting people to sign-up to enter the 3 Peaks challenge.  Now I don't usually go for things like this, as I'm not that fit and whilst I enter these things with good intentions, my actual performance tends to fall … Continue reading UK Three Peaks (2005): Start of the Adventure