Cambrian Way #6: Llandovery to Strata Florida (Days 14-15)

It probably wasn’t a great idea to begin a 4 day backpack through remote mid Wales with a night of virtually no sleep. Even less a good idea to do so with a newly hurt knee obtained in an ill-advised game of garden volleyball at a gathering with the in-laws a few hours before. And it’s probably best not to mention the recovering ankle that caused me to allow more days for this walk and to adopt full-on boots rather than my usual trail shoes. Anyway that’s the hand that I somehow dealt myself, and so it had to be played out…

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Planning the Cambrian Way – Part 5: Llandovery to Devil’s Bridge

Assuming that I don’t roll into Llandovery a bedraggled and broken mess of a walker, and head promptly for home, I’ll depart Llandovery and enter a whole new world – one of deep valleys, woods and wild rounded hills. It looks absolutely enchanting, and whilst it clearly won’t match the more dramatic scenery a couple of days behind me, it looks like it has a charm all of its own. Continue reading “Planning the Cambrian Way – Part 5: Llandovery to Devil’s Bridge”