The pressurisation system

Gear: Geigerrig RIG 1200 Hydration System

Living Review

It’s April 2012 and I’ve now been using this pack heavily on my walks this year.  But when I say pack, I do mean just the pack.  I love the pack itself – despite being claimed to be 19L it seems about the same size as my Berghaus Remote 30.  Consequently, I’ve found myself using it on every walk this this year as I’ve only been doing day walks.  I’ve even used it under semi-winter conditions in Snowdonia at Easter (by semi-winter I mean cold and with snow remnants still lying around but not enough to need crampons etc.) and it’s held everything fine. Continue reading “Gear: Geigerrig RIG 1200 Hydration System”

A first date with Monica

It’s early morning and I’m in a unique situation.  Whilst I’ve blogged from a tent several times before, this is the first time I’ve done it over a Wifi connection.  And moreover, my own home Wifi!

Yes, I’ve never camped in the back garden, and thought it was time I did so.  I had an ulterior motive of course – I felt the need to test my new tent, before I take her out to the hills for adventures together. So having sorted her out in the afternoon, we had our first date. Continue reading “A first date with Monica”

Wild Camping planning 2

This week my work situation became a little clearer, and I’ve felt able to view a trip at the end of April/start of May as something which is going to happen.  And in order to enjoy the spontaneity that the trip will bring, some further planning and decisions will be needed. Continue reading “Wild Camping planning 2”

Dark Days for Blacks

Blacks Leisure GroupThis week I was going to wrap up my “Project Management for Hillwalkers” series by covering the benefits of learning the lessons from the past and applying them to future walking.  But as I thought back over the last 6 years or so, looking for material, I couldn’t ignore the sad business story playing out at the moment.  To a great extent the fortunes of Blacks mirror my own story over the last few years, and I’d say my relationship with the company helps explain a lot of the trouble it finds itself in. Continue reading “Dark Days for Blacks”

A Lakeland Round (2011): Preparation

Now just one day until I go, and it feels like a long time since I had a walk.  I’ve not been out on “terrain” for just over a month, and despite best intentions, haven’t done the amount of flat walking I’d hoped to do in preparation for this trip.  But I’ve done a couple of longish walks, and even with a break of a few weeks I normally can knock out 10 miles or so without too much trouble.  And it seems to make little difference whether I’m on form or not when it comes to ascent – i.e. slow and ploddy. Continue reading “A Lakeland Round (2011): Preparation”

Pacerpoles – initial thoughts


My Pacerpoles arrived today so I took them out for a trial run before my Lake District trip next week.  It was a nice afternoon, warm but not boiling and the sort of weather that is perfect for a walk.  I took my new friends to a local footpath that runs alongside the Mardyke, a flat grassy path that runs for about 4 miles to the middle of nowhere.  The plan was to see how far I got in an hour and then turn back, as I only had a couple of hours to play with. Continue reading “Pacerpoles – initial thoughts”