Review: Hi Gear Atom 3

This tent was provided to me free of charge by Go Outdoors for the purposes of this review. It's summer and festival season once again, and so it wasn't a huge surprise that the list of tents GO asked me to pick from to review focused firmly on that market. Not a festival-goer myself, I skipped … Continue reading Review: Hi Gear Atom 3

Cambrian Way Phase 1 – Post Mortem

It will be clear from the last post that the trip didn't go quite to plan, as I stopped short of my intended end point of Llandovery. But that's not to say it was a failure, and I'm looking at it as simply having altered the plan further as I went. Nevertheless, there were some … Continue reading Cambrian Way Phase 1 – Post Mortem

Snowy Learnings of Cumbria for Make Benefit Glorious Walk of Cambrian Way

Hopefully you can see where I'm going with the title of this one... As early as the first day of this trip I started having thoughts about its success or failure and the learnings that could be taken from it. And if I'm honest with myself, the seeds of that conversation with myself were sown … Continue reading Snowy Learnings of Cumbria for Make Benefit Glorious Walk of Cambrian Way

Far Eastern Odyssey – The Debrief

Considering that the first attempt at this trip went tits up due to the weather taking umbrage at my presence in the Lakes, this second attempt went really well. This is a short post on why. How good was the planning ? This was a strange trip in that I deliberately tried not to plan … Continue reading Far Eastern Odyssey – The Debrief

Caldera Cone in action in the field

A Far Eastern Odyssey – Part 4: Bad Weather ? Bad Gear ? Bad Decisions ?

There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. Or so goes the proverb.  But it's a load of sanctimonious bollocks... If there's one piece of so-called outdoor wisdom that really gets on my tits, it's this. Not because I totally disagree with it, but because of the way that people trot it … Continue reading A Far Eastern Odyssey – Part 4: Bad Weather ? Bad Gear ? Bad Decisions ?

The planned route

A Far Eastern Odyssey – Loading my Camel

There's now only three sleeps left until I load up my camel, plant my feet firmly on the Silk Road and head to the Far East.  Well, the "Far East" of the Lake District, that is.  And I've started gathering some gear... As anyone who read my previous post will have gathered, I've been a … Continue reading A Far Eastern Odyssey – Loading my Camel

Changing my fruit

I know I'm not the only one who has wondered why so many things in the world of technology and communication are named after fruit, and why there are none named after vegetables (please feel free to point out any!).  It's probably because fruit conjures up images of sweetness, pleasantness and happiness whereas vegetables conjure … Continue reading Changing my fruit

The pressurisation system

Geigerrig RIG 1200 Hydration System

Living Review It's April 2012 and I've now been using this pack heavily on my walks this year.  But when I say pack, I do mean just the pack.  I love the pack itself - despite being claimed to be 19L it seems about the same size as my Berghaus Remote 30.  Consequently, I've found … Continue reading Geigerrig RIG 1200 Hydration System